Change is not thy Enemy + FBR 1???!?!? = FBRDA blog

Change is not thy Enemy + FBR 1???!?!? = FBRDA blog

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Well, Ladies and gentle men, FBR DB, Will be getting a makeover, Focusing more on myself, More then FBR (Don't worry, This will Still be the home for all FBR Posts and Info, aswell as the JW Forum!) 


I need a new name if I'm going to give the site a full makeover... Or maybe i'll just keep it like this... Who knows?


I promised the First FBR, (Not the Grandfather, that one's lost to history) Well, Here it is


And, If your really THAT LAZY... I have the bulk of the fight here.


Dawn; Isla Sorna.

The Spinosaurus that killed the young T-Rex years ago is now full grown. He walks along a beach, looking for something to eat. After a while, he wades into the deeper water, patiently waiting for a meal with his eyes and sail just above the water. Suddenly, something touches his foot and he dives underwater. He grabs the animal in his jaws, pulling it up with the help of his arms.

It is a 27 foot Onchopristis, a hard skinned prehistoric sawfish. Spinosaurus carries it to shore, where it bites into its thick, bony skin. As it tears off chunks of its breakfast, the giant hears a noise in the forest. It is a loud crashing sound. Curious, it takes one more bite of its prey, then stalks up the beach.
The noise comes from a running Shantungosaurus, which nearly runs into the Spinosaurus but turns to the side to avoid it, accidentally stumbling and crashing into the ground. The Shantungosaurus struggles to get up, but can't because it broke its front leg and several ribs under its own weight.

The Spinosaurus, forgetting about the sawfish, kills the titanic hadrosaur instead. As he begins to rip off chunks of the Shantungosaurus and gulp them down, the dinosaur that was chasing it steps out of the trees. It is a large female Tyrannosaurus, not happy at having her meal stolen. She snaps her jaws at the Spinosaurus, but having been through this many times in his life, he snorts and goes back to eating, warning her to wait her turn. She tries again, this time letting out a roar.

The bull Spinosaurus lifts his head, letting out a more serious warning in the form of a growl. The Tyrannosaurus roars loudly back, challenging the larger Spinosaurus. He rears up as high as he can, roaring and shifting colors on his sail as to intimidate her. She is startled at first, backing up a few steps, but soon sees through the tactic. He lowers himself back down as she approaches, preparing for combat. She runs forward, ramming him with her head, knocking him on his side and causing him to slide through the sand. She takes a couple steps forward, roaring again, while he pushes himself up. He shakes of the sand and charges with a ferocious roar, ramming his chest into hers.

They clash, pushing each other as the T-Rex tries to bite his sail. Not having a long enough head and neck to reach it, she instead goes for his neck. Swinging his long neck down, he narrowly escapes a bite to the neck, moving to the left and grabbing her arm in his jaws. He turns 180 degrees, snapping her arm and slamming into her side. He knocks her over and pulls her arm, attempting to rip it off. She gains footing after frantically searching for a hold, using his pulling attempts to her advantage, just as he pulls it off. Seemingly as a taunt, he backs up a distance and swallows it in front of her.

Now enraged and in pain, she runs forward at full force, knocking him over. He falls backwards, snapping three of his lower back spinal extensions. He roars in pain as she tries to bite his neck. He manages to crawl out of the way before she does so, painfully rising to his feet. He roars at her, rearing up again. She bites his left arm this time, breaking his radius as she tries to chew it off. He takes advantage, however, reaching over to the left side of her head just above her eye and raking his huge claws all the way across her head and down the right side, permanently blinding one eye.

Blood runs into the other eye, rendering her completely blind for the time being. She pulls on his arm, ripping through his flesh and leaving his arm a bloody, mangled and useless mess. He retreats to the water, where she charges. She smashes her foot into a rock in the shallows, breaking a toe and tripping. He takes advantage, biting her back and pushing her underwater. She stands up, where he leads her into the deeper water. She follows the smell of blood, both bleeding profusely now, confusing her.

The smell of blood attracts sharks and hungry Sarcosuchus that were sunning themselves on the rocks. As small reef sharks bite both of their legs, they retreat. The Sarcosuchus follow them out, but the huge theropods back far enough away to avoid them. Exhausted, they both lay in the sand, pouring blood. Smaller scavengers surround them, expecting them to die soon. The Spinosaurus finally pushes himself up and limps away into his cave, while the Tyrannosaurus takes back her meal.



Not all battles have to be to the death. Sometimes a win is characterized by one side deciding it isn't worth the fight, and this time it was Spinosaurus. While a T-Rex could easily kill a Spinosaurus of equal or only slightly larger size, it would be quite a stretch to say that even the highly evolved mighty T-Rex could kill a Spinosaurus that was 13 feet longer and 2 tons heavier. However, it could win by non-fatal defeat most of the time, as demonstrated by this hypothetical fight. Spinosaurus was no pushover, but Tyrannosaurus Rex still retains its title as king by what was a hair away from being a draw.

ODDS: 51-49

*editors note: Do take into consideration that spino did not die, thus we may see him return.... Once again Thank you so much DinoFights for this wonderful piece of work, follow him Your Here Its much appreciated...*

Fight campaign poster is by Me...
Writing/pictures by DinoFights...

This fight is unbiased...




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Written by x_paden_xPublished on 2014-05-02 16:29:13
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