Bryan Cranston Praises Power Rangers Script
Scified2016-06-30 19:02:27

One of the more surprising additions to the Power Rangers film was the return of the prolific Bryan Cranston. He had been a part of the series in its infancy and now returns as the Rangers' inter-dimensional mentor, Zordon.

Cranston revealed some details regarding the character, including whether or not he will in fact be a giant, floating head:

"This is going to be a big film and a completely re-imagined approach to telling the story. But there are certain tenets of that story that you want to hold true to, and yeah, that’s one of them, that he is a spirit, in the head, in walls, omnipresent in their lair."

Unsurprisingly, Cranston confirmed much of his performance would be motion capture brought to life by CG.

And although Cranston was a part of the series in 1993, he makes it very clear he's not coming back due to nostalgia. The script won him over.

"Yeah, I did voices. Dubbing voices for Power Rangers the series 35 years ago. But I can tell you I would NOT have accepted the role if it was not for the script being so good. They have completely changed the tone. It is not the television series at all. It’s a fully realized, updated, re-imagined approach to telling this superhero story. I haven’t done a superhero story and I was intrigued. I think this sounds interesting. Let’s try it!"

Changing the tone may work for general audiences, but will it make some fans nervous? What do you think of Cranston's praise of the script and notes about Zordon? Are you excited to see this updated interpretation on the material? Let us know below!

About the Power Rangers movie

Power Rangers movie news, trailers and cast

Power Rangers March 24th, 2017

High school teenagers (with attitude) are summoned to become superhuman heroes who defend the world against evil. At their disposal is an arsenal of powerful weapons and colossal vehicles known as, "zords".

Directed by Dean Israelite, Power Rangers's release date is March 24th, 2017.

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G. H. (Gman)

5,368 XP2016-06-30 19:02:27


MemberInitiateJul-01-2016 5:50 PM

I'm personally all for what he has to say about it; I'm glad the ReVision is heading in the right direction so far ^_^

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