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Best Sci-Fi Arcade Style Games Ever Made Are Making Comebacks

Best Sci-Fi Arcade Style Games Ever Made Are Making Comebacks

Scified2020-11-09 10:29:19
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More than any other cultural genre sci-fi has been a mainstay of video gaming since is naissance.

With the dawn of new-fangled cloud and streaming platforms, and with certain brands like Star Trek and Star Wars beginning to wane in popularity, it seemed like the genre could be about to lose its clout on the gaming scene.

However, that has been far from the case, with in fact sci-fi taking over even more in many cases.

Here are some of the best sci-fi arcade games ever made, which have since reinvented themselves for graphically capable and powerful consoles, PCs and mobile phones.

The Star Wars brand is getting dangerously close to being cheapened by upcoming TV shows and ill-thought through movie storylines

Pinball and Slots Go from the Arcade to Online

While many sci-fi arcade games made seamless moves over to gaming consoles and PCs, there are other games which found their place in slightly different ways, transferring from arcades to online sites and mobile apps. 

One form of game that has done this successfully is pinball, with a whole host of great sci-fi themed button bashers available online these days that offer up everything from games dedicated to Aliens to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

Another type of arcade game that has flourished online are slot machines, with their bright lights and spinning reels being ideal for sci-fi inspired adventures. Among the most playable sci-fi slots out there at the moment are Stars Invaders and Stars Mega Spin, both of which have the power to launch you into another galaxy or universe. 

The great thing about many of these slots is that they have not forgotten their arcade roots, and therefore still feature catchy music, sound effects and quirky fun features.

Sci-Fi is the ideal theme for pinball and slot machines

Arcade Handheld Shooters Given the VR Treatment

Some of the very best sci-fi arcade games of the past were the two player shooters, with you and a buddy taking control of the same gun as Sigourney Weaver does in Alien or that which Arnold Schwarzenegger blasts away with in Predator. Nothing quite like it, right? 

Not only did the games look great and have you pouring coins into their slots for hours on end, they even had special effects, such as vibrations that coincided with you firing lots of ammo or taking a hit from an enemy.

Young fans of such games are of course now part of the very games development companies who can bring updated versions of games to life.

Some of the most exciting ones are those that require a VR headset in order to play them. Aliens Attack VR is a simple one to get started with, although there are others like the new Half-Life: Alyx that take things to a whole new level.

Platformers of the Past Are Now going Three Dimensional

No arcade was ever complete without platformers and 2D shooters such as Lode Runner and Space Invaders. The ultimate classics that captivated entire generations of gamers.

These games have now gone three dimensional, with the whole world the game is based in sometimes oscillating or twisting as is seen in contemporary hits like Fall Guys and Outer Wilds.

1-on-1 Fighting Games Are Becoming Niche

Back in the day a challenge from a friend to play the likes of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat was enough to send shivers down your spine.

Unfortunately, the golden days of 1-on-1 fighting games have long since passed, but that doesn't mean that they aren't still highly regarded among gaming fanatics.

These days some of the games trying to live up the heady standards set by their predecessors are Soul Calibur 6, Super Smash Bros and Samurai Shodown.

One of the main advances here is similar to the one made with platformers, turning 2D fighting arenas into three-dimensional battle grounds, making for more angles of attack and more varied defensive maneuvers.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2020-11-09 10:29:19
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