Best Horse Scenes In Sci-Fi Movies And Scenes
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Horses have long been a part of human civilization, and their presence in science fiction is no exception. Horses over the years have established a deep connection with humans, and from their abilities and aesthetics, horses have become a great symbol of power, loyalty, strength, courage, and freedom. 

Horses have appeared in a number of science fiction films and television shows, adding a sense of familiarity to a genre that is frequently steeped in the bizarre and weird. 

This article will look at some of the best horses in science fiction films and television, ranging from heroic to scary. So, if you are a horse racing enthusiast preparing your betting strategy on TwinSpires for the Kentucky Derby, or just a casual horse fan, these are some of the movies you should watch.

Horses as Heroes in Science Fiction

Horses have frequently been depicted as symbols of bravery and strength in science fiction, and some of the most iconic horses in the genre have been those that played a key role in the tale. 

Battlestar Galactica

Silver, the mechanical horse from the legendary "Battlestar Galactica" television series, is one of the most well-known of these. Silver was a popular favorite, admired for his strong and determined character, as well as his devotion to Commander Adama, his rider.

The Never-Ending Story

Artax, the heroic stallion from the classic fantasy film "The NeverEnding Story," is another horse that has grabbed the hearts of science fiction aficionados.

Artax's voyage through the Swamp of Sadness is one of the film's most memorable moments, and his bravery and determination in the face of adversity have won him a place among science fiction's finest horses.

Horses as Sidekicks in Science Fiction

Horses are also a popular choice for science fiction writers wishing to inject some levity into their stories. 


Mr. Ed, the talking horse from the famous television series of the same name, is one of the best examples of this. Mr. Ed was a delight to audiences, who appreciated his quick wit and mischievous streak, and he remains one of science fiction's most popular horses.

Horses as Villains in Science Fiction

Horses have frequently been portrayed as heroes in science fiction, but they have also been featured as villains on occasion. 

Blade Runner

Night Runner, the ominous horse from the classic film "Blade Runner," is one of the most renowned examples of this. Night Runner was a scary and unsettling presence in the picture, and his malevolent disposition has made him one of science fiction's most famous horses.

Game of Thrones

The Night King's horse from "Game of Thrones" is another horse that has been depicted as a villain in science fiction. 

This horse represented the Night King's power and malevolence, and its entrance on the battlefield was a clear omen that the armies of good were doomed.

Horses that Deliver a Message in Science Fiction

War Horse

"War Horse" (2011) is a film about a young man's close attachment to his horse, Joey. Set during World War I, the film follows Joey as he travels through Europe's battlefields and meets many personalities along the way. 

Despite the carnage and turmoil of war, Joey remains a symbol of hope and resilience, and his story emphasizes the significance of the human-animal link.

Final Words

There are plenty of other outstanding horses in science fiction films and television shows, ranging from the brave and daring to the dark and dangerous. Horses helped directors deliver the right message, and there is something about these beloved creatures that make sci-fi movies even more exciting to watch.

Whether as heroes or villains, these horses have captivated fans and left an indelible stamp on the genre. So, the next time you watch a science fiction film or television show, take a moment to thank the horses who help bring the story to life.

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