Another Possible Dino Flick? What about Turok!
Scified2013-11-29 19:53:55
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Latley I have been looking up some interesting stuff abour game to film adations of like the Dino Crisis Game series. Well I've also like another Killer Dino Killer first person shooting game called Turok. Well I've always known about this game series for a while, but i'm very surprised that no film comany has tried to actually make A game to film adaption of this. There are a lot of Turok Games involving Killer Dino's but the one I'm mainly interested into is the 2008 futurized version Play-Station 3 release. I've read the plot and it sounds something like the 2010 Predators movie plot, or even fairly close. Anyway, I'd like so see a film adaption to this game. And Hell I've even got an actor tha i think who could do the part perfectly. My choice is....The One and Only Karl Urban who has played in the 2005 film adaption Doom and other films like, The Chronicles of Ridick and his most known movie out to date, Dredd 3D. I think this actor could totally rock this part. But anyway a film adation would be a great idea just as i last said about the Dino Crisis games. But on this one, there shouldn't be not sequel. Just leave a great film where it is!. Well What do you think, should there be another Killer Dino flick about Turok? What are your thought?

Written by Primal TransitionPublished on 2013-11-29 19:53:55
2 Fan responses to Another Possible Dino Flick? What about Turok!


NoobMember0 XPNov-30-2013 9:34 AM

No, Turok is a video game as it should be, and not a super popular video game at that. Would you rather see people killing dinosaurs, or dinosaurs killing people? Personally, it would be bloody, and I wouldn't watch it.


AtmanAdmin23332 XPNov-30-2013 3:37 PM

I don't know Delta, it could be quite an epic film. Between this and a Dino Crisis movie adaptation, I could see both being popular with the fans.

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