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TITAN Books ALIEN: THE ARCHIVE Release Date. Post any comments or questions for author Mark Salisbury!

TITAN Books ALIEN: THE ARCHIVE Release Date. Post any comments or questions for author Mark Salisbury!

Scified2014-03-31 05:30:48
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TITAN books have announced the release date for ALIEN - THE ARCHIVE: The Ultimate Guide to The Classic Movies by Mark Salisbury.

TM & © 2014 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

The book will be released on September 5th and will be the first to cover all four films, including stunning artwork and photography, as well as never before released content and new interviews. I'm sure, like me, this much anticipated, hardcover volume will be top of many of our members must-have list! Link to TITAN Books

Mark Salisbury is a former editor of Empire magazine. He also authored Prometheus: The Art of The Film, Elysium: The Art of The Film, The Art of John Carter, Dark Shadows: The Visual Companion and Planet of The Apes: Re-Imagined by Tim Burton, amongst others. He is also Tim Burton's official biographer.

Earlier this year I contacted Mr Salisbury. I mentioned how this ALIEN book was eagerly anticipated by many of our members here at SCIFIED, and how much the stunning, Prometheus: The Art of The Film had been enjoyed, studied, scrutinized, referenced and utilised by our members, both personally and on the forums!

Mark was very prompt and gracious in his reply, and enormously pleased to hear about this, and hopes that the new book will match our expectations! He also mentioned that it had been great fun working on it.

Mark also very kindly agreed to answer some questions about ALIEN: THE ARCHIVE or any of his other books! I'd like to thank Mark, once again, for taking the time to both reply to me and for agreeing to reply to our questions and comments. 

So, fellow ALIEN and PROMETHEUS lovers, please make the most of this opportunity to show your appreciation of these books, and post any comments or questions you may have for Mark below. I will pass them along around publication time. Thanks for reading!

Alien movie news, trailers and cast

Alien May 25th, 1979

More about Alien (movie)

When the crew of the space-tug Nostromo answers a distress call from a desolate planet, they discover a deadly alien life form that breeds with a human host. And so the horror begins - a horror which will end the lives of six crewmembers and alter the life of the seventh forever. Sigourney Weaver stars as Lieutenant Ellen Ripley in one of the most suspenseful and powerful science fiction films of all time.

Directed by Ridley Scott, Alien's release date is May 25th, 1979.

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Written by LonePublished on 2014-03-31 05:30:48
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2 Fan responses to TITAN Books ALIEN: THE ARCHIVE Release Date. Post any comments or questions for author Mark Salisbury!


Apr-01-2014 9:35 AM

I'll start then........

Any book taking a retrospective look at the Alien Franchise is going to pique the interest of its followers, and "new content" is music to their ears. Will any of this new material relate to Ridley Scott's Alien, in particular?

It must have been an incredible experience collaborating with Ridley Scott on Prometheus: The Art of the Film! Could you tell us a little about that? I wonder if you knew Ridley at all beforehand?

Having done that book it seems very fitting that you should now have authored ALIEN- The Archive. Have you always had a longstanding interest in Science Fiction films and the Alien Series?

This may be a naughty question.....but do you have a favourite from the franchise, and if so why? 

For me, as a complete ALIEN nut, it seems you had a dream job, working on this book. I can't imagine anything better than having access to all that wealth of information, artistic material, cast members, crew, directors etc. Given your background, is this something you have become used to, or do you ever have to pinch yourself as a way of reminding yourself that's it's all real?


Apr-06-2014 3:39 AM

WOW.....I'm completely taken aback by the TOTAL lack of interest in this..........

No one has anything to say......even about Prometheus: The Art of the Film!?

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