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Alien 3: The Lesser Known Deleted Scenes

Alien 3: The Lesser Known Deleted Scenes

Scified2016-08-16 07:40:36
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In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the deleted and alternate scenes not featured in the Alien 3 assembly cut. Some will be taken from the infamous Alien 3 workprint. However, not every difference between the workprint and assembly cut will be featured here. That I'm saving for a later article. The workprint scenes will feature extra or alternate material which hopefully you'll find interesting.

“ I always wanted the film to be more graphically violent. A lot of stuff got cut because of the censors.”

-- David Fincher

Workprint Opening Credits:
The opening credit sequence is different in the workprint. Not only is there some shots missing but there are a few extra snippets of scenes not featured in any other cut of Alien 3.


FaceHugger Tendril:
During the opening sequence, there was a shot of a faceHugger Tendril working its way down Ripley's throat on a computer monitor. This shot didn't appear in any cut of the film.


"Ripley's impregnation with the Queen Embryo was originally meant to be revealed during the montage sequence at the opening of the film. ADI had built a puppet which showed the embryonic organism traveling through a FaceHugger tubule into Ripley's throat."

- Alien Effects, Bill Norton

Sulacos Destruction:
During the EEV evacuation, numerous explosions cause EEVs to jettison on their own and one EEV flies straight back into the Sulacos hull. ADI built an exterior model for this scene to destroy but ultimately, the scene wasn't filmed due to the ever-changing script, and the model was never used. Three opening scenes were planned, and all three variations were changed causing the many effects and models to be either scrapped or redesigned.


Novel Excerpt:
At zero two things happened with inimical simultaneity: ten EEV's, nine of them empty, were ejected from the ship, and the proportion of escaping gases within the damaged cryogenic chamber interacted critically with the flames that were emerging from the acid-leached hole in the floor. For a brief eruptive instant, the entire fore port side of the Sulaco blazed in fiery imitation of the distant stars.

Half the fleeing EEV's were severely jolted by the explosion. Two began tumbling, completely out of control. One embarked upon a short, curving path which brought it back in a wide arc to the ship from, which it had been ejected. It did not slow as it neared it's storage pod. Instead, it slammed at full acceleration into the side of the transport.

Clemens on the Beach Alternate Version:
One of the Alien 3 trailers features alternate footage of Clemens walking along and looking up into the sky. Originally, it was planned for him to witness the EEV crashing in the sea before heading off to the shore.


Novel excerpt:
The man walking along the beach was thoughtful, and in no particular hurry. His intelligent face was preoccupied, his expression noncommittal. Occasionally he kicked in irritation at the alien insects which swarmed around his feet seeking a way past the slick treated plastic. A sound caused him to look up. He blinked, wiping cold drizzle from his face- mask. The distant roar drew his gaze to a point in the sky. Without warning a low cloud gave violent birth to a sliver of descending metal. It glowed softly, and the air around it screamed as it fell. He gazed at the place where it had struck the ocean pausing before resuming his walk.

Newts drowned body:
As prisoner Frank shines his light over the remains of Bishop and Hicks, he see's Newt dead inside a water-filled cryo-tube. A version of this scene appeared in the theatrical cut. However, an alternate shot was filmed and never featured in the assembly cut. The shot is also storyboarded.

The Theatrical Version

Visiting the EEV Alternate Dialogue:
In the workprint when Clemens and Ripley visit the EEV for the first-time Clemens has some alternate dialogue. Most of this dialogue is hard to hear due to major background noise.


Clemens: This used to be a thousand convict facility, but it's been reduced down to a twenty-five man custodial staff. They keep the place on pilot light.

Ripley: Pilot light for what?

Clemens: Toxic dump. The Prisoners forge lead sheets to seal off any potential leaks in the shaft.

Dialogue compiled from one draft and workprint.

Entering The Morgue Workprint Version:
This scene is in the workprint but not all of it. The segment when Clemens turns around to question Ripley isn't in the workprint and neither is the opening shot of a freezer door. Instead, it's replaced with an alternate shot of the freezer doors as all three enter. Furthermore, when Clemens asks Ripley if Newt was her daughter, they are walking towards the freezers and not on the staircase as in the Assembly Cut.


Newts Autopsy:
Scenes of Newts autopsy were filmed but because of people being grossed out by this in test screenings it was completely removed.


Gillis and Woodruff provided a gelatin double of Newt for the scene, complete with a close-up section for the scalpel incision. As Dr Clemens digs his hands around flexible ribs, Newts foam organs were rigged to pump fake blood. "It's one thing to kill Newt's character," Gillis explains, "and it's even more disturbing to dissect her. But that scene is part of David Fincher's brutal world, it's been cut down with each preview, he uses that autopsy to show audiences that Alien 3 isn't going to be a fun experience."

- Fangoria Issue #115 August 1992

Discussing Golic Workprint Version:
The scene in which Dillon confronts Boggs and Rains about their 'disharmony' which is aimed at Golic, differs in the workprint. Firstly, the scene runs shorter than the assembly cut version and contains extra and alternate shots of Golic.


Ripley and Clemens Workprint Version:
The scene with Ripley and Clemens in the Assembly hall features extra background dialogue and an alternate shot of Ripley at the end. The additional dialogue is of Dillon, and another prisoner, going through the lock down procedures. This extra dialogue does not appear in either the theatrical or assembly cuts.


Paint it, Black:
While inside vent shaft 17 Murphy is singing in the Year 2525 (Exordium and Terminus)in the theatrical and assembly cut versions. In the workprint, he's signing paint it black by the rolling stones. The workprint version also contains an alternate shot of the Alien puppet spitting acid into Murphy's face. The poor quality of the workprint makes the extra puppet shot hard to see properly.


 Gillis with the acid-spitting puppet

Candle for Murphy Workprint Version:
As Boggs, Rains and Golic head out for to their foraging mission, Dillon asks Golic to light a candle for Murphy. The workprint version of this scene runs a lot shorter than the assembly cut version and contains some alternate dialogue from Golic.

Clemens and Andrews Workprint Version:
Andrews grills Clemens pressing for more information about Ripley. The workprint version runs shorter than the assembly cut version and contains two alternate shots of Clemens.


Golic's Fiery Dragon Vision:
After the Alien kills Boggs Golic looks up at the Alien which we see the creature 'Grimace' back at Golic. Another version of this was filmed but instead of a grimace, Golic envisions the creature as a fiery Dragon. The distortion effect for this 'Vision' was done using flame bars in front of a camera causing the creature to appear distorted. This scene never made it to any cut of the film. What's interesting though is that another version of this scene was filmed for the Alien Trapment scene later in the film.


The survivor Golic -- a violent, but simple-minded convict -- envisions the alien monster as a fiery dragon. Woodruff, wearing the suit, was placed on a platform with flame bars in front and back of him. " Alec was lying down on the platform next to me -- wrapped in a blanket to protect himself -- working the mechanical tail. The cameras would roll and I would just go as long as i could before the heat became too intense. When I couldn't go any longer, I would stop and they would cut all the fire and then come in with squirt bottles and spray me down..."

- Alien Effects Book Tom Woodruff Jr.

Alien in the Infirmary:
Quite a lot of footage was shot showing shadows of the Alien entering the infirmary and attacking Clemens on the wall above Golic. None of this footage appeared in any cut of the film and can only be seen via behind-the-scenes material.

As well as the shots of the alien extra gore footage, as well as more shadow shots, of Clemens' death, was also filmed but then later cut. You can see some other extra footage of Clemens head bite on the Alien Anthology Blu-ray set.

Last two screenshots provided by Valaquen

Golic's State Workprint Version:
After the death of Clemens Golic stares in amazement at airlock opening where the alien vanished. He says magnificent twice. This is alternate to the assembly cut version.


Foraging Mission:
Andrews is briefing the prisoners on recent events in the mess hall when he mentions Boggs, Rains and Golic. This extra snippet of footage didn't appear in any other cut of Alien 3 and informs the viewer as to just what Boggs, Rains and Golic were doing inside the underground tunnels.


Preparing the Trap Workprint Version:
The prisoners prepare to burn the alien out of the pipes and into the waste tank. The workprint version of this sequence is shorter than the assembly cut and is edited in a different order. However, the workprint does contain some scenes featured in the assembly cut version.


Trapping the Alien Workprint Version:
In the workprint version, the events of the Quinitricetyline incident are edited or arranged differently. This version also contains scenes from the theatrical cut and footage only seen in one of Alien 3's trailers. However, with the workprint being in bad quality it's hard to make some of this footage out. I've included the whole trap scene here.


Furthermore, during this sequence, a lot of footage featuring the alien was cut and never used. The footage was to show the alien running through the flames and a shot of the creature being distorted by the heat in the same fashion as Golic's vision of the fiery dragon. I would love to have seen some of this footage restored, but sadly, it never was. Below is one description from the novel.

Novel excerpt:
In the main access corridor, smoke inhalation toppled another man. The last thing he saw was the alien rising before him, silhouetted by the flames and the incredible heat.

"We also had Tom strike some poses which, I thought, looked somewhat hieroglyphic. In one particular scene which got cut out from the final film, the alien is doing some strange ballet type movements while being surrounded by flames."

Alec Gillis, Starburst Special -- © 1992 Simon Bacal.

Company Discussion and Dillon's Prayer Workprint Version:
Dillon says a prayer for the prisoners who died trying to trap the alien. During which Aaron and Ripley discuss what they have heard from the company so far. The workprint version has a few extra and alternate shots and dialogue.


Golic's Escape Workprint Version:
Golic begs Morse to let him out of his straight jacket. Morse not only makes the mistake of telling Golic they have trapped the alien but also lets him loose. Golic then hits Morse over the head with a fire extinguisher. The workprint version of this scene is shorter and contains both extra shots and alternate dialogue.


“What happened was that test screening audiences of 18-year old kids in Long Beach, California, decided that they weren't interested in what happened to Golic. They weren't interested in what he gave to the movie. People also wanted the movie to be shorter because you can play it more times a day. So a whole subplot was lost that to this day I feel is very important and certainly answers a lot of critics questions about my inability to tell a story.”

-- David Fincher

Company Contact Workprint Version:
Ripley and Aaron contact the company notifying them of what's just happened and the names of those who have died. Ripley then asks the company permission to terminate the alien. The company instantly denies them permission. The workprint version contains extra scenes and alternate computer screen read-outs.


Releasing the Alien Workprint Version:
Golic heads to the waste tank the alien is trapped. Murdering prisoner Arthur, who's on guard proceeds to open the waste tank door. He walks inside only to be killed by the alien. Golic's death is shorter in the workprint version. In this version, you hear Golic's death scream which is featured in one of Alien 3's theatrical trailers.


“The original idea was that Golic would believe that the creature was feeding on everybody else to leave himself and Ripley alive. That they were going to be sort of Adam and Eve. And then that idea basically got cast aside because it was considered to be too strange. But that was the initial idea – why is the alien killing everyone off? The one deluded point of view in the whole thing is that it's weeding back all the human refuse to leave Golic and Ripley.”

-- David Fincher

Company Discussion 2:
After getting denied permission to kill the alien from the company Ripley pays Dillon a visit. Ripley tells Dillon they need to figure out how to kill the alien before the company arrives. Suddenly, Morse bursts in to give the pair the bad news about Golic. The workprint version is slightly different with alternate shots.


Now, what Do We Do? Workprint Version:
Dillon, Morse, Ripley and Aaron visit the waste tank the alien was sealed in only to discover Arthur's body and the alien released. The workprint version contains alternate dialogue and alternate shots.


Basement encounter:
The scene in which Ripley seeks the alien inside the basement of the complex a section has been cut out completely. In both the theatrical and assembly cuts as the alien drops down from the air-vent the picture goes dark. What's cut are shots of the alien rising over Ripley leering at her before disappearing. A snippet of this footage can be seen on the alien quadrilogy/anthology special features as well as a production photo, and a shot featured on the star pics collectors cards.

Motivational Speech:
The remaining prisoners are gathered in the furnace. Ripley and Dillon are trying to talk the prisoners into luring the alien into the lead mold. The workprint version contains some alternate dialogue and shots of Ripley.


Kevin Extended:
After the alien chases, Kevin to his door the workprint has a small snippet of dialogue not featured in any other cut.


David's Death Extended:
The workprint version of David's death has some extra scenes of the creatures P.O.V. coming down the wall and running through a corridor before appearing behind David.


Finding Troy:
As Dillon is walking down a corridor, he finds the mutilated remains of prisoner Troy. This scene does not appear in any other cut of the film.


Jude Slips:
Morse and Jude are running along when Jude slips on something. Lifting up his hands he sees's, they are covered in blood. Jude has slipped on a pool of blood; he looks up at Morse and screams. This scene does not appear in any other cut of the film.


Dillon and the Piston:
Dillon is running down a corridor calling out anyone. The scene also contains a few extra shots of the piston in motion.


Company Arrival Extended:
The workprint version of this scene contains extra shot's and dialogue not featured in any other cut of Alien 3.


Alien in the Lead Mold:
As Dillon is about to climb the lead mold, the alien pursues him. The workprint contains some extra scenes of the alien not featured in any other cut of Alien 3


The Alien's Demise Extended:
The alien jumps from the molten lead and pursues Ripley. The workprint version contains extra scenes of the alien and Ripley.


Ripley's Decision Extended:
Bishop II is trying to talk to Ripley is coming with him, and that he intends to help her and kill the Queen embryo. Ripley thinks it over and says no. The workprint version runs a lot longer than the assembly cut version.


“The end sequence when Bishop comes and presents his case. I always wanted it to play like she listens to him and she’s really tempted by it. Originally that scene played out much longer and there was a 40-second pause from the time he said ‘Please trust us’ and then she finally looked up at him and said ‘No’. It wasn't as quick as it is now, I always liked that. I liked the idea of her making a choice as opposed to having the choice made for her.”

-- David Fincher

Ripley's Sacrifice Extended:
After saying no to Bishop II's offer and the death of Aaron Ripley decides it's time to end things and falls back into the furnace sacrificing herself. The workprint version is slightly edited differently and contains some extra scenes, and dialogue not featured in any other cut of Alien 3. However, this version does contain the assembly cut ending in which Ripley just falls into the furnace.


These next three scenes have been added last due to memory being hazy about where I read  about them. I've added them on the off chance someone can point me in the right direction as to any information on them. 

Ripley's Lice:
Towards the end of Hicks and Newts cremation, Ripley suddenly gets the urge to start scratching her head. She has lice. This was filmed but never made it into any cut of the film.


Shots of Golic's mutilated body were supposedly shot but never used.  The shot was featured in the Alien 3 movie adaption comic. 


"I Just Felt It Move...":
Ripley is over come with pain and nausea thanks to the Queen embryo inside her.  Morse helps her off on her feet. 



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Written by xeno_alpha_07Published on 2016-08-16 07:40:36
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4 Fan responses to Alien 3: The Lesser Known Deleted Scenes


InitiateStaff211 XPAug-16-2016 7:46 AM

If you're wondering why the clips are poor quality it's because they are taken from a bootleg VHS tape.  The Alien 3 workprint is a multi-generational copy meaning it's a copy of a copy of a copy.  The quality degrades with each copy and finding a lower gen version of the workprint is extremely rare and hard to get hold of.


ConversationalistMember1234 XPAug-16-2016 3:32 PM

There's also the scene in the comic of the once scripted death of Dillon where he escapes before the lead is poured, but can't make good on his promise to kill Ripley.  The Alien crawls out of the lead and kills him.

One of the things I really liked in the Workprint ending was how it showed there was a deeper relationship between Morse and Aaron, maybe even a friendship beneath their constant sniping at each other. Shame that got lost.


RespectedMember1602 XPAug-21-2016 1:59 AM


I really like Alien 3, it is my favorite this far. Fincher was probably right that it could have been more violent it probably would have been better that way. The studio made it worse which they also did in the case of Prometheus. Does this means that studios are not to be trusted? I am not sure.


The autopsy of Newt would have worked. It would be nasty but it would have worked in the context of the movie. I think that they could have kept this - Alien movies should not be about happy family stories.


When you hear the scream before they say “we got to find the sprinklers” it made it work better than without them. This is the clip under the head-line Trapping the Alien Workprint Version.



ConversationalistMember1234 XPAug-25-2016 8:20 PM

Cutting up a dead little girl isn't horror - it's just revolting.  Shooting the extra stuff is wise, so you work out where the line is with what you show versus what you don't.  Just because you shot it, doesn't mean you should put it in the film as the Assembly version amply illustrates.

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