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6 Sci-fi Movies to Watch on Netflix

6 Sci-fi Movies to Watch on Netflix

Scified2022-02-16 11:00:52
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For those lost in Netflix's richly diverse catalog, Steve O’Neil, a writer from write my essay service, compiled a selection of six of the streaming giant's recent sci-fi movies, from an occult survival thriller to a cartoon about a family dispute amid a machine uprising.

Project Power

If you miss Joseph Gordon-Levitt but aren't ready to watch his underrated auteur series "Mr. Corman," you can turn to last year's "The Force Project" - it's such a trivial and unnecessary blockbuster, which, however, is great to watch in between, at your leisure. Jamie Foxx plays a father who tries to save his daughter -- she has been stolen because of her unusual abilities to create a new drug from her DNA, rewarding the recipient with superpowers for a few minutes. It helps him in this challenging case, which turns out to be a war with a powerful corporation, an honest cop played just by Gordon-Levitt - he also takes a new drug, but only to level the playing field with the criminals. Not the most original plot turns out to be a charismatic buddy movie with inventive action.

Love and Monsters

If you've always wanted to see something like the cult comedy "Welcome to Zombieland" but aren't ready to waste your time on a disappointing sequel, the film with the not-so-successful title "Love and Monsters" might be the answer to your pleas. It, too, is an original mix of post-apocalyptic action film and romantic comedy: in the story, an asteroid falls to Earth - killing over 95% of the population and mutating the critters. Joel was the unluckiest of all because the asteroid fell when he began dating a high school sweetheart. Seven years later, the hero survives in bunkers with the same poor people, and then he hears the voice of his teenage sweetheart on the radio - the hapless survivalist Joel decides to go to her.


On Netflix, you can find good genre movies and original, left-behind films - like Alexander Azha's Oxygen, the director of the horror flick Trap. His new work is a claustrophobic thriller about a girl played by Melanie Laurent, who wakes up in a cryogenic chamber and tries to figure out what happened to her. She's running out of time because the cell is running out of oxygen, so long thoughts and discussions with her voice assistant reduce her chances of survival. "Oxygen" seems like a covid-era mono-performance, but it surprises with its ingenuity in action and its work with suspense and intrigue.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines

"The Mitchells vs. the Machines" is a new work from the creators of "Lego. The Movie," and "Spider-Man: Through the Universe" and is knowingly one of this year's top animated films. It's the perfect touching story for teens and parents to watch together, with a "Black Mirror"-style twist: an artificial intelligence from a smartphone raises a machine uprising as the Mitchell family travels across the United States to try to rally one last time, as the oldest daughter is about to leave to attend university. Very colorful visuals, a relentless stream of jokes, and a heartwarming plot of long-awaited cohesion-what more do you need for the perfect animated film?

The Midnight Sky

Missing from the radar, George Clooney returned last year with the sci-fi blockbuster The Midnight Sky, in which he directed and starred. It's a sci-fi film (especially for Clooney fans) about a terminally ill scientist wandering alone on an Arctic station, devoid of ambition and originality, but still worth watching. The point is, there's been an environmental disaster on Earth - the air on the planet has become toxic and has begun to kill all life around it. This, alas, does not know the crew, which plowed into the expedition orbit Jupiter and is about to return home. The hero needs to contact them at all costs and prevent the landing. Again, you've seen all this before in other movies, but without George Clooney, which, you'll agree, is a dramatically different detail.

The Wandering Earth

"The Wandering Earth" is the first-ever representative of science fiction in the history of Chinese cinema, which has also grossed an impressive $700 million at home. Surprisingly, the filmmakers chose an ambitious plot for their first foray into the genre: the Sun is about to burst and explode. Hence, scientists from all countries united and proposed an ingenious idea - not another migration to a new planet suitable for life, but rather a journey on Earth with the help of massive engines. Seventeen years later, Earth is attracted to Jupiter - so humanity is again on the brink of survival. It looks exactly as it sounds: a large-scale, ridiculous, violating all the laws of a physics disaster movie, which fans of Roland Emmerich's work will nevertheless appreciate.

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2022-02-16 11:00:52
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2 Fan responses to 6 Sci-fi Movies to Watch on Netflix


NoobMember13 XPFeb-17-2022 11:19 AM

Love and Monster is pretty good. 10/10 would recommend.


NoobMember13 XPFeb-17-2022 11:19 AM

Love and Monster is pretty good. 10/10 would recommend.

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