5 Online Science Fiction Games

5 Online Science Fiction Games

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If you have been following what happens in the gaming industry closely, you’ll agree that it is ever-changing and embracing innovations. The recent years have been impressive with changes, including a shift from land-based casinos to online casinos. Canadians are happy about such changes considering that it allows them to play with minimal inconveniences.

The industry has also been on the lookout to adapt to global situations. For instance, the emergence of the worldwide pandemic did not affect its operation a lot. It experienced an increase in revenue and customers as the other industries declined.

In 2021, nothing much will be different. We highly anticipate the launching of new games and even the progress of the existing ones to greater heights. Science fiction games are among the most common in a typical Canadian online casino.

We linked up with our expert Michelle Thomas (check her profile) who will enlighten you about online sci fi games.



What is Science Fiction?

Science Fiction refers to a genre whose content is majorly imaginative but based on science. It’s also referred to as “Sci-fi.” The term science fiction arises because it heavily relies on scientific facts and theories. Canadians have an awesome history with science and that is why online platforms such as Woo Casino have been featuring sci fi slots and games for many years.

Here are the scientific fiction games to consider

Solar Ash

If you are a fan of PS4, PC, or PS5 games, Solar Ash is the perfect game for you. Those willing to pay for this new IP Game Heart Machine should not worry, considering that it’s a good game that will give every Canadian gamer one of the best experiences.

Even though there is still little information about it, the game is not complicated as some players anticipate. It only requires the players to go through a journey into the world field just to explore and unlock the secrets of past ruins. The reality is that Canadians are fans of scientific online fiction games.


Players who love flying and taking over space will love this game upon trial. It gives the players an opportunity to take control over the space pilot. It’s one of the fantastic games unveiled during the PS5 stream.

Those who have never tried the game but tried the other games from the developer-Housemarque will testify that the developer never fails in game development. In the game, the space pilot Selene has been trapped on an alien planet. The strangest thing is hostile creatures hence making the game more challenging but exciting to play.


Xcom 2 is an innovative game that gives the fans of online scientific fiction gaming the thrilling experience they need. Playing it leaves the players yearning for more playtime. The game is playable on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and other outstanding gaming consoles.

The best aspect about it is its amazing theme of an alien invasion which inspires other game developers to follow suit. The theme also motivates the players to keep maneuvering through the ups and downs of the game. Everyone yearns to be a hero in life, and this game never disappoints either. The player losses the members of his battle team, making them soar to the end alone.


The game allows the players to rise steadily from the point of managing their space to building theirs. When playing, it lets you grow to the point of building your own space and be ready to go home. However, that’s not the only thing that makes the game outstanding.

The best aspect about it is that there are people who will seek your help in the game, which makes the game interesting. The game is accessible on PC, making it convenient for players who can’t afford a gaming console.


Lego Star Wars

Lego games are among the most popular sci-fi MMORPG games in the gaming marketplace. Any player looking for fascinating games should try this game as it offers the best experience anyone could be looking for.

 Its game mechanics makes it the easiest to play, contrary to what the Canadian players could be thinking about. It’s a “beat them” style game, and various iconic characters are in the game.

Above are some of the best adventure and sci-fi shooting games online that you can try today. Settling at your best will depend on your taste and preferences.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2021-03-26 11:15:17
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