5 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Times

5 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Times

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The human mind is built to avoid stressful situations. This is the reason we all find ourselves thinking about an escape plan that will take us away from the real world. Superheroes, time loops, outer space, space journeys, or parallel universes, we have all imagined ourselves leaving everything behind and becoming the hero of our lives. However, not all dreams come true.

However, to feed our imaginations with these fun ideas, the silver screen has played a very important role. It has offered us some of the most fun experiences, thrilling stories, and out-of-the-box concepts. A perfect blend of modern-day science and some functional stories, these silver screen masterpieces help us to enjoy some leisure time fantasizing about unlikely situations.  

For the best sci-fi movies, we have assembled a list that includes some of the finest sci-fi movies of all time. However, these movies are not available on a single content streaming site. Instead, you have to get a subscription to multiple content streaming sites. However, an affordable alternative is to get a good cable TV subscription like Grande Cable where you can watch everything you want and request the titles of your choice.   

5 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Times 


  • Inception


Available on: Apple TV, Amazon Video, Vudu, Google Play Movies, and Netflix 

Release:  2010 

Runtime: 2hr. 28m

Genre: Action, Sci-fi

Synopsis: the line between reality and dream blurs when a man tries to steal information from his target by entering his dreams to get a fresh start and a clean slate in life. 

One of the most watched and quotes movies in the sci-fi genre; Inception has become a benchmark in Hollywood. The story is intricate and complex to the point that it can leave you scratching your head. Most critics believe that Inception is a story that will offer you a new perspective every time so, it is safe to say that this movie has been enjoyed multiple times. From remarkable storytelling to intense acting, this movie has everything that can get the audience hooked. 


  • Interstellar


Available on: Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Plus, and Netflix 

Release:  2014

Runtime: 2hr. 49m

Genre: Sci-fi, Adventure

Synopsis: to seek a future where humankind can flourish, ex NASA pilot is tasked to leave the hostile earth and search for a place where the future is bright.

Interstellar is a vision of heaven for every sci-fi lover. Infant, if you ask someone about their favorite sci-fi movie, there is a high chance that Interstellar will be at the top of the list. Perfectly explaining the theory of relativity and the concept of a parallel universe, this story might seem like another space story but it is far more than that. From ironic humor that will leave to tear-eyed to quotes that can leave you baffled, this movie is a complete rollercoaster. 


  • Wall-E


Available on: Disney+ Hotstar

Runtime: 1hr. 38m

Genre: Family/Adventure

Synopsis: in the pile of tech waste, two functioning robots designed to clear the debris get into unlikely friendships leading them to a fresh journey that helps them defeat loneliness and seek companionship.

 A family-friendly movie that might seem like another robot movie, Wall-E is much more intense than most people would like to think. An unlikely friendship and companionship, some people think of Wall-E as a remarkable LGBTQ+ story while others associate it with family dynamics. No matter what you link the story with, it is safe to say that no other movie has come closer to Wall-E that can entertain both adults and kids simultaneously. The best thing about the movie is that it hardly has any dialogue so all can enjoy it. 


  • Everything Everywhere All At Once


Available on: Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime Video

Release:  2022

Runtime: 2hr. 20m

Genre: Adventure/Sci-fi

Synopsis: a supermom discovers her powers and is tasked to save humanity by dealing with the dangerous unlikely foe in a multi-universe while living her life as a mother and wife normally. 

Stuck between strict in-laws, a dim wit husband, a failing business, a teenage child, and household duties a mother learns about her superhero status. Soon after, things take some exciting turns, as she has to fight some unconventional foes in the parallel universe while ensuring that the balance between both universes stays intact. Humorous, fun yet very complex, the movie will leave you at the tip of your seat. 


  • Awake 


Available on: Netflix 

Release:  2021 

Runtime: 1hr. 36m

Genre: sci-fi thriller

Synopsis: a natural disaster pushes the human race into insomnia leading to death but a mother needs to protect her unaffected daughter from getting into the medical trial, with the help of some unlikely friends.  

A natural disaster puts the earth to end for a few seconds only to bring back every one with a mutation that causes insomnia. Amidst chaos and mother figures, her child is unaffected. Soon after, situations get wild when the family of an unaffected child is faced with the dilemma of saving her child or getting her admitted to the medical trial for the sake of experimentation. 

Bottom Line

Science fiction is one of the most loved and watched movie genres of current times. There is no doubt that every year hundreds of sci-fi movies are released by big and small production houses but only a few of these titles manage to grab the attention of the audience. The above-mentioned movies are some of the best sci-fi movies of all time, so you can add them to your watch list. 

Written by ChrisPublished on 2023-07-29 09:39:19
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