15 things wrong with the Ghostbusters reboot!

15 things wrong with the Ghostbusters reboot!

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Since Paul Feig's name was first attached to Ghostbusters back in August 2014 everything related to his reboot has descended slowly but surely into a downward spiral of negativity. Sony Pictures Entertainment, the studio behind Columbia Pictures who are producing and distributing the movie seem to be doing very little to maintain marketing control of a product that was unduly sanctioned by a former high profile employee (Amy Pascal) and which has likely, thus far cost the studio in excess of $200 million ($154 million Budget and 50% of the average $100 million marketing budget for a high-profile summer movie). Director Feig and his primary star Melissa McCarthy continue to insist that the only reason for all of the hate against the movie is misogynistic. Following are fifteen things wrong with the Ghostbusters reboot, fifteen things fans and general audiences hate about Paul Feig's latest movie...

#15 Target Audience

The 1984 original movie co-written by stars Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis and directed by Ivan Reitman was a family comedy, in which the comedy was intended for adults and older children (AKA Teenagers) following in the success of National Lampoons Vacation and Caddyshack. Following the success of the spin-off cartoon series, The Real Ghostbusters and the associated toys and comics Ghostbusters appeal spread across the entire family. The forthcoming remake is director Paul Feig's fourth girl comedy movie starring and aimed at modern young women, thus ignoring the established fan base of the franchise which is mostly male. And let's not forget the merchandising, with the reboot already having its own toy line, last time I checked young adult women don't normally play with action figures unless they are of course aimed at children, but the vulgar bland comedy showcased so far in the trailers is far from child-friendly, and how many children really want a Melissa McCarthy action figure?

#14 Marketing

Typically the first trailer for a movie falls no later than six months before the movie's theatrical release. With a release date of July 15th, 2016 one would have expected Ghostbusters first trailer to have been released in January, but it wasn't until May that the first trailer hit, and when it did it bombed and it bombed big, soon becoming the video with the most dislikes in the history of Youtube, which was only worsened with allegations that Sony was deleting negative comments on the trailers official youtube page. The second trailer did fair better, but not enough to undo the damage. Add to this Feig and his casts attacks on the fanbase and anyone who stands against the movie, and you have the worst marketing campaign since The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which showed 90% of the movie or the RoboCop remake were Sony disallowed Den Of Geek from using images from the movie, giving rise to RoboParsnip (pictured above).

#13 Lack of Respect

Rumors that the cast, both original and new have been threatened with legal action if they fail to promote the movie shows very little respect to the cast and crew that brought us the original movie over 30 years ago. To add insult to injury is the fact that this movie was greenlit by former Sony executive Amy Pascal based upon a hastily conceived email from Paul Feig over the already developed, scripted and planned Ghostbusters 3 which was developed by the creators of the original movie Dan Aykroyd and the late Harold Ramis. Additionally, it has been well publicized that co-star Bill Murray repeatedly refused to commit to Ghostbusters 3, even after Ramis death. Ramis of whom wrote and directed and cameoed in arguably Murrays biggest film Groundhog Day. The studio, Amy Pascal, Paul Feig and Bill Murrays lack of respect for this franchise should be an alarm siren to anyone thinking about watching this movie.

#12 Conception

When Paul Feig was approached to direct Ghostbusters 3 he instead proposed to reboot the franchise with an all-female leading cast. On this principal alone the then Chairperson of Sony Pictures Entertainment Amy Pascal, prior to her sacking, greenlit the reboot over the already developed Ghostbusters 3 of which she had been involved in developing. Feig had not even developed a script, a treatment or even a synopsis, yet courtesy of Pascal was given free reign to reboot a multi-million dollar franchise. In terms of the final product as teased in the recent trailers, the movie seems haunted by familiar yet inferior modern adaptations of elements from the original movie which isn't limited to just the characters but also the ghosts as well, including a countess that draws similarities to the originals Gray Lady, the uber-villain (a disgruntled ghost of a lonely man) who takes on the form of a giant version of the ghost used in the Ghostbusters logo, albeit with added sharp teeth and a red bow tie, and of course the return of Slimer.

#11 Unimaginative Casting

The original movie featured three discredited caucasian scientists who started a business exterminating ghosts before taking on a working class African-American colleague, with a receptionist of the opposite sex. Alternatively, the reboot features... exactly the same lineup, just genderswapped - Kate McKinnon's character Jillian Holtzman (the engineer) is the female variant of Dan Aykroyd's character Ray Stanz, Kirsten Wiig's character Erin Gilbert (the physicist) is a female Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis), Melissa McCarthy's Abby Yates (parapsychologist) is a female Peter Venkman (Bill Murray), Leslie Jone's Patty Tolan is a female Winston Zeddemore (Ernie Hudson), and Chris Hemsworth's Kevin is male Janine Melnitz (Annie Potts). Erin's attraction to Kevin is even a role reversal of Janine's infatuation with Egon, and Kevin's desire to become a fellow Ghostbuster mirrors how Janine became a Ghostbuster in The Real Ghostbusters comics.

#10 Lack of Comedy

One thing director Paul Feig has repeatedly mentioned is that his cast is the collection of Hollywoods funniest women; a statement that in itself is open to criticism with none of Feig's cast having hit the comedy highs once achieved by actresses such as Whoopi Goldberg, Goldie Hawn, Meg Ryan, Daryl Hannah, Rosie O'Donnell or even Roseanne Barr. Granted Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon may be regulars on the popular US comedy show Saturday Night Live, but a cast of comedy actors does not guarantee a funny movie - Matthew Broderick was once the young comedy star of the eighties and Jim Carrey was the rising comedy star of the nineties, yet bringing the two together for 1996's Cable Guy fell on deaf ears. The trailers for the Ghostbusters reboot have again proved this to be true with many of the jokes failing to raise even the smallest of titters from audiences.

#9 Reboot, Sequel or Other

Paul Feig's Ghostbusters has been marketed since its inception to be a reboot of the original movie with a genderswapped leading cast, all new storyline and featuring the original stars in cameo roles which will not be related to their roles from the original movie. Yet a rumored plot leak, which has yet to be discredited suggests that during the movie the new Ghostbusters purchase the No. 8 Hook and Ladder firehouse, finding within a tape recording from Dana Barrett's examination by Dr.'s Stantz, Spengler and Venkman. If this scene is in the new movie, which the recent trailer seems to suggest (pictured above), it would make this new movie in actuality Ghostbusters 3, but a Ghostbusters 3 in which the original cast now exist as other characters and in which the new team of Ghostbusters recreates the exact same logo as the original logo unintentionally and without prior knowledge of the original team, without ever seeing the original logo, even though graffiti of the original logo is shown to pre-exist in this new movies universe.

#8 Ecto-1

The car that would become Ecto-1 or the Ectomobile, in the original movie was formerly a 1959 Cadillac Meteor-Miller, which was chosen for two reasons - in 1984 these cars were cheap having formerly been used as hearses and ambulances, and the design of the car was that of the classic 1950's fin and tail extravagance. In contrast, the Ecto-1 from the forthcoming reboot is a 1984 Cadillac Deville, which while in fitting with the "old hearse" idea for the Ghostbusters vehicle of choice, it lacks the cosmetic appeal of the original - possibly being one of the least attractive Cadillac's ever manufactured.

#7 Proton Packs

Some will probably be expecting me to criticize the smaller, more lightweight Proton Packs with the adorable love heart radiation stickers and how they are easier for the leading cast to carry. On the contrary, I think a smaller Proton Pack makes sense as technology gets smaller all the time. My criticism with the Proton Pack is the actual technology, or more correctly its power source. As mentioned in the original movie the packs were powered by nuclear particle accelerators, and the likelihood that post-9-11 America would allow four independent business people conduct their business in New York of all places with such technology is high unlikely. For a modern adaptation of Ghostbusters, be it a reboot or a sequel, the Proton Pack needs to be powered by an alternative power source, one capable of generating high amounts of energy, can be stored compactly and is environmentally friendly. But where to find such a fuel?

#6 Slimer

Everyone's favorite ghost has been spotted in the trailers for the new movie, adding weight to the rumors that this movie is in actuality a sequel and not a reboot. Yet it seems as though the character has once again been sidelined to little more than a cameo (was Slimer threatened with legal action too). Yet fans of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon and comic books will know that the characters true destiny is to live in the firehouse with the Ghostbusters. In the Real Ghostbusters Slimer was the outsider looking in and the comic relief, drawing parallels to how the droids C-3PO and R2-D2 are frequently used in the Star Wars movies. Not using Slimer in a supporting role is a missed opportunity both in terms of his comedic potential and the dynamic he would add by being around the Ghostbusters. How many Ghostbuster fans would love to have seen a Ghostbusters 3 in which Slimer re-enacts the scene from the Real Ghostbusters by sliding down the firepole and planting a wet, slimy kiss on Annie Potts bewildered face?

#5 The Antagonist

Some news outlets have mistakenly identified the reboots final foe as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Unfortunately, the truth is perplexingly much worse. The chief antagonist for the reboot is a human character called Rowan (Neil Casey), a lonely man who develops a machine capable of attracting ghosts. During the course of the movie Rowan dies and manifests as a ghost with the ability to possess humans. It is Rowan that possesses Abby Yates before being forcefully expelled by the "power of Patty" and then possessing the body of Kevin, the Ghostbusters receptionist. Now with a suitable body Rowan activates his machine flooding the center of New York with thousands of ghosts. After using said ghosts to possess the US Army and the NYPD Rowan is forcefully expelled from Kevins body before requesting the Ghostbusters to choose the form of their destructor (despite just being a ghost and not an actual Sumerian god of destruction). Rowan then takes the form of the Ghost from the Ghostbusters logo after Patty thinks about the graffiti see remembers seeing in the Subway Tunnels. Rowan then takes this form adding sharp teeth and red bow tie for menacing effect.

#4 Visual Effects

The original movie used a wide range of visual effects techniques to realize the movies many paranormal antagonists. Popular ghost Slimer was realized using optical effects which made the class 5 full roaming vapor appear transparent. Another popular specter, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was realized using the same technique used in Eastern cinema for the Godzilla and other Kaiju movies in which a man in a suit is filmed among a scale miniature representation of their surroundings. Other ghouls such as the Terror Dogs were realized using traditional rubber latex suits. For Paul Feig's reboot, the director has adopted using a combination of CGI and filming actors with ultraviolet lighting. Unfortunately, the resulting look of the ghost effects in the reboot are overwhelmingly saturated, looking like the ghouls from a Scooby Doo movie, and seemingly only coming in two hues - green and blue.

#3 Sexism, Racism, and Favoritism

One would have thought that a movie that has stood firm in its support of feminism and repeatedly attacked anyone with an opinion against the movie as sexist would want to avoid triggering any more social commentary outcries. The criticism against the movies unimaginative and potentially racist casting of Leslie Jones in the only non-scientist of the group was made worse with the revelation from Feig that originally Jones was cast as Abby Yates, but the role was instead given to Feig's favorite Melissa McCarthy purely because McCarthy had already portrayed roles similar to that of Patty, relegating Jones to the role instead, despite the fact that Jones has also portrayed this archetype of character many, many times before. Worse still the movie seems to relish in this sea of racism around Jones with the character demanding to know whether it's a race thing or a woman thing when she isn't carried by the crowd at the rock concert.

Then came the revelation that Chris Hemsworth's character of receptionist Kevin is a character laden with sexist overtones both against women and against men, with the character contracted in the Ghostbusters employ purely because Kristen Wiig's character of Erin Gilbert finds him sexually attractive. The character then later suggests adding boobs to the ghost for the teams logo. Speaking of Kevin has anyone even noticed how he seems to be modeled after the look of director Feig (see comparison picture above).

#2 Fan Service

Let's face it, from director Paul Feig's first barrage of Tweets, this has almost been the reboots lowest point. Turning against the fans and derogatorily labeling them when you are rebooting a movie of which they are the fan base is commercial suicide. While general audiences may give a movie an initial boost on the opening few days at the box office it is the fan base of a franchise that will return for repeat viewings of a movie. But the majority of fans will not do this if the director and his leading cast repeatedly and offensively label the fans and blame them for negative opinion against the movie. No matter the franchise, fans will always have a strong opinion on their beloved franchise, and once attached to a franchise the fans love and adore it is a director's duty to at the very least listen to those fans and share their love of the franchise - this is why Deadpool was a success and why Ghostbusters will not be, because as a Ghostbusters fan I feel as though Paul Feig does not appreciate me, or my fellow Ghostbusters fans.

#1 Faux Feminism

The worst thing Paul Feig's reboot of Ghostbusters has done is to needlessly use the franchise as a platform for "Girl Power". Being neither true feminism nor female rights activism director Feig has used his cast and his crew to rally support for more women in the movie industry both behind and in front of the camera. Feig has used this faux feminism to market all of his previous movies (Bridesmaids, The Heat, Spy) to an audience of young women, moving away from the traditional romantic comedies and developing a form of lewd female orientated comedy, or the Hangover for women. None of this is a bad thing, but when the director became attached to Ghostbusters the target audience of his movies eliminates the majority of the target audience of the original movie and the majority of the established fan base, which has repeatedly proven by Feig and his cast with their derogatory calls against anyone who isn't female. While there are female fans of the Ghostbusters, the majority of fans are male, and in terms of general audiences most women prefer comedies, musicals' and horror, with science fiction being surprisingly liked by only a minority of women.

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Written by GavinPublished on 2016-06-14 14:52:44
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20 Fan responses to 15 things wrong with the Ghostbusters reboot!

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPJun-14-2016 5:51 PM

This is utterly dreadful. I will not be moved to see this film - even if it is aimed at women of my age.


ConversationalistMember1234 XPJun-14-2016 6:01 PM

Fifteen things wrong with it already and it's not even out yet. Impressive.

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPJun-14-2016 6:39 PM

@SR: It looks incredibly stupid.  I would only watch it for 2 reasons: I get a reward for watching it or I get punished for not watching it

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPJun-14-2016 8:31 PM

LORD TYRANT - Agreed. :)

S.M - GAVIN SINGLETON has described points that have already been demonstrated as truth in conjunction with the film. Once the film has been released, he will be able to make a full account of it.


ConversationalistMember1234 XPJun-14-2016 8:40 PM

It's the latest in the endless stream of repetitive internet moaning about something that's not even been released yet, and will ultimately deny it being objectively criticised.  Maybe it will be as bad as everyone thinks/ hopes; the trailers aren't especially funny (but then the trailer for the original didn't really market the film as a comedy either). Either way, personally, I'll wait till I see it before bashing it.

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPJun-14-2016 10:13 PM

S.M - Every man and woman has the right to speak their mind and think differently than one-another. That is what makes us autonomous beings. Though I have already decided not to support this film, your stance to wait and see how the film will be before making a full judgment is very accommodating - and I have great respect for that. :)


ConversationalistMember1234 XPJun-14-2016 10:28 PM



InitiateMember425 XPJun-14-2016 10:28 PM

Don't really think this is something you come out with prior to even seeing the movie, especially with things like "lack of comedy". We've only seen a combined maybe 6? minutes of the film. Seems overboard to make a 15 things wrong when we don't even know them, or if all of them are true, some of it only being rumors and speculation.


2KMember2267 XPJun-15-2016 12:12 AM

bop bloop beep


NoobMember0 XPJun-15-2016 1:32 AM

I m sorry but I have to disagree. I ve been reading your page for years now but only recently decided to join after being fed up of your one sided & negative view about this movie. It's like your throwing a childish tantrum everytime you post something about Ghostbusters. I wasn't a massive fan of the new ghostbusters idea and the first trailer was awful but since then I ve come round to the fact they are trying something new for a new generation. Good for them! I have no issue with the main four actors being women. But it seems u do? Just coz it's not the movie you want/demand. Why can't you be optimistic? Or dare I say positive?! 


LegendMember9516 XPJun-15-2016 2:49 AM

@ ****roach (S. M. too),

If, as you say, you have been reading this site, as in this Ghostbusters blog, for years as you claim then you would know that I do not have a problem with the cast being female, my problem with this movie, as I have repeatedly probably too many times is that the planned sequel Ghostbusters 3 was sidelined by Amy Pascal (who was sacked for being racist) in favor of Paul Feig's genderswap reboot idea. When Pascal gave Feig the green light he had no cast, no crew, and no script, yet Ghostbusters 3 was ready to go, it only needed a director. What Feig has since created is no more than a genderswapped remake with apparently no style, no originality and no appeal to the established fan base. And don't even get me started on Feig and McCarthys attacks on the fans.

Remember, while it's true that only a minority of people, mostly fans wanted a Ghostbusters 3. Nobody, until Feig came along, thought of rebooting it solely for a female audience.

As I do with any movie, when the movie comes out I will give it an honest an open review, both on its own merits and in relation to the original. My posts before the release of the film are my opinion of the news relating to, and how the film has been conceived and marketed, thus far, based upon all the info available at the time of "going to press". I will make my final, objective opinion upon viewing the movie, and if I am wrong I will openly admit to as much.

Remember, while I hated on Terminator Genisys, upon viewing the finished movie I did acknowledge that the first half of the movie feasibly worked, unfortunately, the second half and the movies technobabble were horrendous. And with X-Men: Apocalypse, I was underwhelmed from the trailers, likening it to Pokemon game but again upon viewing the movie I stated that the was enjoyable and watchable, while loving Quicksilvers slow motion scene in the mansion.


NoobMember0 XPJun-15-2016 6:15 AM

Ok i take it back but having an open view to it maybe being slightly good isn't a bad thing. Here's hoping it's great in whatever form it takes!


NoobMember3 XPJun-15-2016 9:27 AM

I have to agree with ****roach and the (very) few others who have attempted to counter the vehemently negative attitude of Gavin Singleton toward this as-yet unseen movie. I am a great fan of Scified, and have until now been happy to watch from the side-lines, with gratitude for so much great content and discussion about Prometheus, Alien Covenant and other upcoming sci-fi goodies. And although I respect the right of anyone to approach the new Ghostbusters with reservation - I admit the trailers don't look ground-breakingly original - one repeated point from Gavin has prompted me to join and speak up. To say that this movie is aimed at women, purely because it has an all-female cast, is mistaken.

I am a man. I have watched many movies with a female lead, and some of the very rare movies with an all-female leading cast. Some I have enjoyed, others not. None in my opinion were aimed solely at women. The presentation of the experience of women in any narrative form - film, novels, TV, poetry, music, whatever - is simply to offer the female perspective on life, for the consideration, entertainment and education of all. If an all-male cast heads up a movie, it is presented as a movie for all. So why should it be any different the other way around?

And why shouldn't a male audience enjoy a movie like the new Ghostbusters, because the main cast is female? Heat and Spy were interesting, fun capers, with a few intelligent correctives to so many movies that are less than respectful toward women. If a few jokes are made at our expense, we men are big enough to take that. We can take the point, and learn to respect and enjoy the feminine perspective. We can even laugh at ourselves, and view the history of sexism in popular entertainment that is so patent in so many movies with open-hearted penitence.

Times are changing. The original Ghostbusters remains, loved and one-of-a-kind. The new Ghostbusters may or may not be a good movie. But don't assume that it's been made solely for women. I will watch it, and respect Feig, McCarthy et al for offering a rare, female-oriented comedy, in a sea of Hollywood products that are mostly blandly conservative in their sexual politics, or worse.


ConversationalistMember1234 XPJun-15-2016 3:09 PM

I'm not sure how you can give it an "honest an open review", when you've determined there's so many things wrong with it, site unseen. Like so many others who've decided this movie is rubbish before it comes out, you've shot yourself in the foot. If you really legitimately don't like it, your integrity is immediately compromised, because you went in with  - and broadcast - a preconceived negative outlook.


And even if you do provide an honest review, and this is really just '15 Things I Don't Like about How This Is Being Marketed'; it's just disingenuous clickbait.


2KMember2267 XPJun-15-2016 3:17 PM

boop bleep boop


LegendMember9516 XPJun-15-2016 3:31 PM

@ iota,

As I explained above in my response to ****roach, and since my first article (titled The Castration of the Ghostbusters Franchise) after it was announced that Paul Feig's proposal for an all-female reboot had been green lit by Sony, my problem has never been the female cast. My problem is with the way in which Pascal and Feig dropped the planned sequel in favor of this reboot. AS I have repeatedly mentioned all the sequel required was a director, but at the time Feigs reboot was greenlit he had nothing - no cast, no crew, no script.

However, because the movie has an all female cast doesn't mean its aimed at women, but because its directed by Paul feig means it is aimed at women - Bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy are all comedies aimed at a primarily young female audience. The comedy displayed thus far in the trailers for Ghostbusters has been directed towards female audiences. The comedy is not universal, nor is it aimed at men, or even children, just women - Chris Hemsworth on display as meat for Kristen Wiig, "in every crack", "a lady thing or a black thing", "is it it the hat or the wig" - comedy aimed at women. I have watched all of Feigs films in preparation for this and I didn't find them funny becuase I am not the intended audience, so I'm not meant to.

Being a lifelong fan of other sci fi franchises such as Aliens, Terminator and X-Files, I relish strong female leads, role models many young women have looked up to and that represent somehwat of a surrogate mother to male audiences - which would explain why a lot a men liked Aliens so much when they younger. These roles of a mother, a protector gave us solace when we needed them. Unfortunately what Paul feig is doing in Ghostbusters is light years away from that.

Let me put this into perspective - imagine that instead of making The Force Awakens, when Disney got Lucasfilm they decided to reboot Star Wars by remaking A New Hope, but genderswapped all the roles and filled it full of obnoxious lewd jokes. Imagine Lucy Skywalker pretending to felate her mothers lightsaber, much to Obi-Wanda's disgust. Imagine Darthress Vader force choking an officer telling them to spit or swallow. While it may seem that I am being ridicolous, this is exactly what Paul Feig has turned Ghostbusters into.


2KMember2267 XPJun-15-2016 4:13 PM

bleep bop boop


ConversationalistMember1234 XPJun-15-2016 4:15 PM

Both Aliens and Terminator have strong female leads who are both empowered by men.


And Ghostbuster is hardly above lewd humour. Venkman was a sleazebag.


LegendMember9516 XPJun-15-2016 5:22 PM

@ S.M.

Last year a film was released called Terminator Genisys, you may have heard of it. From its announcement to the movies release I covered the news on the movie, stating, as I have with Ghostbusters, my opinion against the movie, especially once the plot leak, which turned out to be true was, well, leaked. Before the movies release, I criticized the casting, the marketing, the narrative, the effects much like I have here against Ghostbusters. Then upon seeing the movie I acknowledged that the first half, set in 1984 was feasible and scripted well. Did this lose me my compromise my integrity? It did not. Was my review honest and open? Yes, it was. 

I do not have a negative outlook against this movie, the movie from its inception to now has failed to convince me that Pascal and Feig's decision to reboot was just, which when taking into account Feig's directorial history, his political and social views and why Amy pascal was sacked convinces me even less. This movie was not conceived to further the mythos, or fan base or the franchise. This movies agenda is to stir up a hornets nest in the wake of gamergate and amidst racial casting criticisms in Hollywood, which it has repeatedly exercised since its inception in august 2014.

Finally, this article clearly shows 15 elements that are wrong with the movie and have openly criticized by myself and others. Ironically there is actually no new information in this article, but a collection of already discussed and criticized and mostly verified information which is easy enough to find, but place together in one place, as per the articles title. Clickbait, it is not.


ConversationalistMember1234 XPJun-15-2016 5:43 PM

I've not seen Terminator Genisys nor read your review nor seen what you said before it, so it would be unfair to comment on its integrity.

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