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10 Steampunk Goggles Movies you can't miss

10 Steampunk Goggles Movies you can't miss

Scified2020-02-14 10:23:57
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Steampunk is an artistic and cultural movement that is massively popular, people from all over the world live day after day following its fashion or creating products of this style; film productions are not left behind, for many years films with the theme of Steampunk goggles have been released and although today this information has become viralized; we must remember great films that we saw and probably did not realize that they had this fashion.


We started with a Disney production, Atlantis is one of the many films of this company that have been forgotten; it had a budget of 120 million dollars and raised about 186 million, it was nominated for 6 Annie awards and the animation gives us an adventure story with our brave protagonists, but also great effects for the time of 2001.

When one is a child we couldn't realize it, but if we see it again we will see that it has great aspects of the Steampunk style.

Van Helsing

A film from 2004 along with the great performance of Hugh Jackman, was inspired by the novel by Dracula and from the beginning we can see its dark atmosphere, with shades of gray and brown in the film. It gives us an ancient atmosphere, but modernized by its attack weapons, showing the Steampunk side that it has.

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A film that can be watched many times to enjoy and visualize these details.

Hugo's invention

It was nominated for 11 awards in the year of its release (2011), the story that tells of Hugo a boy who lives in a train station; it was flattered by its 3D effects and the good way the actors adapted to it. The film has a perfect color palette for what it was, some clothes exactly to the time that the film referred to (1930); along with the inventions of Hugo who was the one who gave that futuristic touch to the plot, we get the references to the style in particular.

The Treasure Planet

Disney returns to this list with another film, Planet of the Treasure, which contains spectacular animation, music that catches you and a plot that reaches the depths of your heart. The film shows us old guns with changes in the explosions, ships that fly thanks to the rays of the sun and fantastic beings from other worlds mixed with humans.

The story has what it takes to identify steam engines and objects of ancient mechanics coupled with advanced technology. It makes you wonder what it would be like to be in that universe.

Lemony Snicket: A series of unfortunate events

Who would have thought that this film would have steampunk added to it, when I first saw it I didn't realize; the story of these three children who will have to deal with Count Olaf, who not only is found to wish the fortune of the orphaned children Violet, Klaus and Sunny, but was the cause of the fire that killed their parents.

The story has that black humor that gives the essential touch to the scenes with a gloomy look, which go along with the time before mixed with some technology.

If you haven't seen it, it's a movie I highly recommend.

Sherlock Holmes

The film with Robert Downey Jr., has not only managed to conquer a large audience because of its great performances and plots that it accompanies. The scenes that they show us, the small details of the time combined with the inventions and gadgets that appear in the film, place it in this top with steampunk.

When Sherlock is presented with a new mysterious case, just after believing he ended up catching a murderer who wanted to cause a blood ritual. His death is only the beginning of more, without any logic; Sherlock along with Watson will have to find out what happens. 

The Golden Compass 

A film that unfortunately due to the lack of audience did not get the sagas that we know in books, but that undoubtedly in its aesthetics have great indication to steampunk. 

A story where they show us, how the souls of us humans can take shape; Lyra a little girl of 12 years who manages to understand at her young age the good and the evil, finds out that something strange happens with children who disappear.  She decides to find out on her own with her dæmon and gets an adventure, where with the help of the compass she could save the world completely. 

Wild Wild West

There is no film that is considered 100% steampunk that is; this film where we can see Will Smith as the intrepid special agent James West, lover of disguises and connoisseur of lies. Along with his partner Artemus Gordon (Kevin Kline) who is a born inventor; they will have to stop the evil doctor Airliss Loveless (Kenneth Branagh) who wants to eliminate the president of the United States.

Our courageous protagonists embark on this adventure, however they will be able to fight against everything or the conflicts brought to them by a woman named Rita Escobar (Salma Hayek) who is a dancer who is pursued by the dangers.

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea

This movie is a pure steampunk classic, no doubt you could bet that almost nobody has seen it but it has to be in this top because it is. The film is based on a novel by Jules Verne and produced by Walt Disney in 1954.

The story tells of a world where sailing at sea is no longer safe, so many shipwrecks that the possibility of a sea monster has been thought of; so an investigation is begun that would lead to the depths of the sea and venture into its dark places.

A film that at the time does not have great special effects, but it does have the steampunk style that is still known today. If you don't want to see it, then I recommend the novel of the same name.

The Castle in the Sky

We ended up with a production by the Ghibli studio. The Japanese don't miss out on the opportunity to tell stories, much less on this subject. The Steampunk style is seen from the beginning in this film; a beautiful story that tells of two youngsters guided by a stone towards a lost castle, while they are chased by those who want to take over the beautiful place.

The film gives us fantastic scenarios, a story that keeps you watching, which then shows you flying ships, robots, machinery and much more.

These 10 movies are perfect to spend the whole day enjoying, not only their stories, but also their details. Which one is your favorite? Which one would you add to the list?

Written by ChrisPublished on 2020-02-14 10:23:57
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