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10 Best Xbox One Games for Students

10 Best Xbox One Games for Students

Scified2019-11-19 08:35:41
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There are plenty of game collections that students go through on a daily basis. However, there’s no doubt whatsoever that the Xbox One collection remains one of the most powerful families of consoles. You may have the Xbox One S, old school version, the alpha Xbox One X console, or maybe the streamlined Xbox One S (all-digital edition). Regardless of what you possess, this gives you access to a library packed with amazing games you can find on the market. From Halo and Forza to Grand Theft Auto and Gears, Xbox one games for students still make the most outstanding game collection around.

Not many support the idea of students playing games all the time, even though this is a very entertaining activity. If you undertake this without any caution, it can get addictive and affect your grades. But still, playing game is so popular, many scientists and researchers nowadays constantly work on uncovering all the benefits and risks it has for those who play it. It’s even listed as one of the most debatable ideas for research paper. The bottom line is, gaming can be a tremendously beneficial experience if done in a limited, controlled way.

Gaming can help the student in many ways. It promotes critical thinking, requires a great deal of focus, boosts the communication skill, and even helps gamers become better writers. That being said, I’m presenting you with a short, yet amazing list of some of the most popular Xbox one games you should be playing. Enjoy!

1.Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

This is the latest edition of the highly popular Assassin’s Creed RPG franchise. It lets you set foot in the Peloponnesian War as Kassandra or Alexios. Your task will be to discover the truth behind their stories while going through Ancient Greece in the sandals of a mercenary.

As a student, you simply can’t afford to forget about your studies and immerse yourself fully into an addictive game like this one. Gaming can truly boost your writing skills as we said, but unless you want to start missing deadlines, you might want to hire a college term paper writing service to help you reduce the academic burden and give you some time to play.

1.Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the games for students that will leave you speechless. You’ll be fighting for the royale crown in the Titanfall universe. In this game, you’ll be playing in a team of three against 57 other players, trying to be the last man or squad standing.

Similar to PUBG and Overwatch, this is the perfect battle game – and you can play it free of charge. It doesn’t combine the Fortnite’s building and the competitiveness that happens on PUBG.

1.Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is the Xbox one game everyone seems to be talking about this year. The franchise of the Borderlands games are based on the pursuit of gear. You will constantly unlock new abilities and weapons that allow you to battle through high-quality graphic environments.

2.Battlefield 1

The Battlefield 1 game will take you back to World War One, giving you a real experience with new weapons and vehicles, as well as fresh level designs that truly capture the war’s brutality. It has a single-player campaign where you’re the first-person shooter, and is broken into six sections that give you a different front line location and character. It will never become dull – ever.


Remedy Entertainment, one of the best game producers in this decade, gives us yet another great Xbox game to play – Control. This game is an adventure and action mixed in one. It gives you a chance to play as Jessi Faden, a director of FBC – the Federal Bureau of Control, which is a government agency that aims to control all kinds of paranormal activity.

4.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The bestselling Call of Duty has attracted more people than anyone anticipated. Right now, there’s a new, tweaked version of it, one that is bound to raise the interest in many gamers worldwide. Modern Warfare is the 2019 variant of the original, bestselling franchise. It removes all zombies, double-jumps, jetpacks, and the rather futuristic gadgetry we’re used for. Expect a more grounded, modern take of military engagement, brought to you right from the 21st century.

Modern Welfare of 2007 was a landmark entry in the series Call of Duty. With an entirely different arsenal relating to weapons, gear and gadgetry, and a location in Russia and the Middle East, you are bound for an entirely new, amazing experience by playing this game.


Even thought it was released in 2017, which is now two years ago, this game is bound to have its biggest success this year. It is an indie exclusive that was totally worth the wait. It features soundtrack and visuals inspired by animation from the 1930s, as well as a game play inspired by 1980s platformers.

The game’s features are so successful, Cuphead was named the Best Xbox Exclusive in the Techradar’s 2017 Game of the Year Awards.


Completely free to play and an amazing Xbox game, Dauntless is the latest game by Phoenix Labs. When you play it, get ready to become a customized slayer that hunts Behemoths and accepts guests. This game promotes critical, forward thinking and creates a fantastic world to play in.


DOOM is not a remake, it’s a masterpiece. It received many rewards since it was first published in 2016, and it’s enjoying more and more popularity as time passes. DOOM brought back the old times where the dial-up internet was the only way to access AOL emails. It’s an evolution of the series, a brutal and bloody action that beats the former limitations of technology.

8.Grand Theft Auto V

GTA is by far, one of the most played games on the Xbox platform. Right now, the GTA V version is the best tennis, golf, yoga, racing game, and even a serviceable MMO.  This particular game stars Trevor, a rampage killer we all have within in the Rockstar Game. It also features Michael, a troubled criminal who comes from a very dysfunctional family and has a huge power in the life of violence. Finally, it features Franklin, the character who’s mostly rags-to-riches and has the street smarts, so much that he can totally pull off a bandana.

You can play GTA V in a multiplayer mode, as a third-person actioner, or a flight sim.


Have you played any of these games so far? If you haven’t, you haven’t really enjoyed the best that the Xbox series has to offer to its players. These are the most modern, highest-rated games of all times – all available to use today. Thanks to modern technology and some amazing developers, players now have access to games like never before. All the games in this list have the highest quality graphics and stories that will keep you entertained for months to come.

So, pick your favorite game and start playing. Don’t forget about your student assignments – your grades shouldn’t suffer because of you finding a great new game. As long as you play games in a controlled way, you can only reap the benefits gaming offers.

Author’s Bio

Bobbi Sanchez is a game developer who works on creating the most advanced, entertaining games for Xbox. His job is to make the lives of players more interesting and educational. In his articles, you’ll learn about the best games and how they’re developed, as well as some tips on how to play them.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2019-11-19 08:35:41
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