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Review Transformers: The Last Knight film review by I Meme Everything

I Meme Everything

Written By I Meme Everything on 2017-07-04 11:27:26

Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight Movie

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This movie is an all-around disappointment. First off, there's the Decepticons with lazy designs. For the first time, they have actual personality, but f*ck Bay for killing them all off. Here's a rundown of the crew:

Megatron (duh): Ultron ripoff, but he looks cool

Barricade: How the f*ck is he still alive?

Mohawk: I don't know what the f*ck this abomination even is

Onslaught: A Combaticon, but f*ck Michael Bay for killing him off because now we can't see Goddamn Bruticus

Nitro Zeus: My favourite other than Megatron. He's cool but he's just a KSI bot with Shockwave's head.

Dreadbot & Berserker: Knock-offs of Crankcase and Crowbar (are those their names?) from Dark of the Moon.


The humour was dry, cringey, and forced, and Bumblebee was ruined. He's able to reattach pieces of his body that get ripped off. HOW?! And he manages to snap Optimus out of Quintessa's control simply by speaking. Prime says "I haven't heard your voice since Cybertron fell." Bruh, he spoke at the end of the first movie.


I also hate how the Dinobots were handled. They were barely in the film, and the only ones who appeared were Grimlock and Slug. Eherm, where the f*cking f*ck are Scorn and Straffe? In the next film, they better add Sludge, Snarl, and the four from AOE.


The film is littered with plot-holes. How did Megatron get his new body? Why does he call himself by his original name? Where are Scorn and Straffe? Like I mentioned, how did Bumblebee get his new ability? How does Sir Edmond Burton know that Viviane is the last descendant of Merlin? How does Steelbane have the sword Excalibur? How were the new Decepticons created?



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