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Review Star Wars: The Last Jedi film review by vicksaholic


Written By vicksaholic on 2018-02-13 04:04:59

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie

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Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi Review - The Force at its Utmost Best!

Nearing the last lap of the year and one of the year's much-awaited Star Wars - The Last Jedi has finally hit the screens today. 
Did the latest installment deliver its promised hope to fans across the world?
A. Bellowing. Yes.

Where to start? What to say? I have simply gone desert and barren on my adjectives to describe how the new Star Wars movie unraveled from the beginning to the end. Still, I have to start somewhere. Okay. Got it.

So, here goes the Star Wars 2017 movie's review.
Before you proceed ahead, kindly read it at your own peril and don't blame me for not warning you upfront because Spoilers are as rich as the film.
How Logan was the picture-perfect sumptuous product that could be crystallized in the Logan-cum-X-Men Franchise, the latest Star Wars movie is the coruscating spectacle for which the fans (Read: Me - though not a hardcore but I love it because when you look back at the moment it was screened for the first time, the technology and everything used in the franchise was way ahead of time) have been waiting and desiring for a very long time.

Yep. The newest kid on the block or) the Star Wars 8 movie simply Tombstones every other prequel, sequel, and a spin-off in one of the biggest money-spinners of the Movie Industry. 
Be it the feisty Rey, hot-headed and impulsive Poe, world-shirking Luke, internally turmoiled Kylo or the level-headed late Carrie Fisher - Star Wars 8 ensures that every character has a vital role to set the ball into motion for an amazing climax. Yeah. I'm referring to the moment where Rey uses her Force to lift the boulders in a fantastic and unreal state of suspension. Not to mention, the hoot-worthy scene when Kylo orders his minions to beam the weapons on Luke and he merely waves a hand over his shoulders much to the raging, infuriating and revenge-seeking Kylo.
Was it the only hoot-worthy scene? 
Nooooooooooooooooooo. Definitely Noooooooooooooooooooo. You had them in abundance throughout the movie like the way Kylo smoked Snoke under his very nose or how Holdo has a splendid heroic death by slamming into the enemy ship.

Also, the guinea pig-ish creatures with their Bamby Eyes and the crystal-critters gave the nice topping to this uber-cool emotionally engaging hyperspatial ride.

Humor is brilliantly laced throughout the film like the one where Finn is caught red-handed by the maintenance keeper who also has an important part just like the main characters. In fact, she even gets her wish fulfilled when she and Finn run amok the casino on their quest to find the code breaker.

This is the biggest and greatest strength of Star Wars episode 8 as several events are transpiring in many places simultaneously like Luke-Rey tutorship stalemate, Snoke-Kylo trust issues, Leia-Holdo-Poe insubordination face off etc. Yet, the action doesn't drop even one jot at any situation. And, infused with intelligent laughter quotient. A stellar, pun intended, dream ticket to a highly successful franchise that has been screaming for such a delight like how happy a parched person in a desert will be when they locate a source of water after walking in the baking sun for many hours. Indescribable joy, right?

Take for instance. When Rey falls down the Rabbit Hole (No idea what's the actual name.  Just taken the name from Alice in Wonderland!) and finds herself face to face with a mirror and the reflections acting in the sequence were mind-blowing.

Yoda - the ever aged wise master plays a terrific cameo by blasting the Tree of Knowledge at the drop of a hat.

You have many such I-want-to-see-it-again scenes that ensure you got your money's worth by watching the recent Star Wars viii.

The only small blip is the run-time which could have been 8-10 minutes shorter. Maybe, the total duration was due to the fact that the director paid equal attention to ensure that the numerous plotlines converge without any confusion or cluttered narration at a wowing single point.

Nope. It was not slow. Just max 10 minutes trimmer to have had even more impact.

With the final twist revealed in the dying stages, pun intended, of the movie, Rey is indeed the ray of hope for The Resistance in the upcoming movies.

PS 1:
I just wondered all through Star Wars ep 8 whether Rey should have taken Occlumency Lessons in a cross-over with Professor Snape to protect herself from the mental invasions of Kylo.

PS 2:
Yes. I saved the cream of the crop for the end. The full scene where Rey closes her eyes and Luke asks her to feel the Force was as rib-tickling as Joey asks Ross to punch him in the face.

Hope you have enjoyed reading The Last Jedi's review.

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