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Review Prometheus film review by Lady Anne

Lady Anne

Written By Lady Anne on 2017-01-25 17:11:01


Prometheus Movie

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Ok so yeah, 3.5, and only because it was a Ridley Scott movie! After that the whole thing goes south. Biggest problem this movie has - and man it has a whole lot - is the screenwriter! Why this fellow was picked I've no idea, he had already shown how horrible he was by totally trashing Lost, then they give him this - absolutely nothing made sense. The characters seem lost while spouting ridiculous lines and doing absolutely stunningly stupid things that, as a scientist myself I can a test to, would never, ever, do! That combined with the fact that Sir Ridley kept saying how it was going to answer a lot of the questions left by Alien - which is doesn't, and that absolutely nothing in this movie makes any sense from a logical, scientific standpoint, is really just a crying shame! On the plus side, it was beautifully shot. I can't tell you how it pains me to say this about a Ridley Scott film or project as I absolutely love his work and have the upmost respect for him! Anyway, just my view on this movie, apologies to anyone who disagrees, I totally understand if you love this film, I just can't get past how pointless it was, the absolutely HORRIBLE acting, and the even worse script! Lady Anne ^^ö^^ 

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