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Written By ignorantGuy on 2017-08-04 10:36:26

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I'm in an interesting situation right now and I will very subjective or maybe you can consider me an hater but that is ok with me.

As solely an action-horror movie and you don't take it seriously an with is visuals it can be a 3.5-4ish, but... I went to movie hoping for a continuation to 2012's Prometheus but not only did I not  received that, but what i got was disgusting.

Do you remember the morally ambiguous robot (David), now with the freedom he craved and even companionship from the person he seemed fascinated with becomes Milton's Satan and does some "cool" stuff. He pulls of a little genocide the engineers (who were 100% genetically speaking humans, and spoke some form of Babylonian if I recall correctly. By the way, did you know that was a Semitic language) while reciting Shelley's Ozymandias (how would have been for a SS officer to say something like this to Jews before killing them with poison gas, but the Black goo scene is eerily similar).

He then(or before) kills off the woman he "loves" and experiments on her to produce the well known Xenomorph (the perfect life form or shell we call it the Uber life form?) eggs. But the movie does not make it clear if the experimentation goes on while she lives. Was not Ridley Scott supposed to be this great feminist director, how in the hell did he ok this idea? 

Yeah how should I forget David is blonde and has blue eyes, ain't he cute?

Here is the difficult part, he became the protagonist of the story (as the humans are glorified cliches, so they can not be more then antagonists) but should we care about his fate (did we for Hitler?)? Were the heavy Nazi parallels planed or thought out? Does Ridley Scott like this character? Because for me, it is vile and him killing Shaw made me not care about a sequel. 


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