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Review Pacific Rim film review by Radioactive Zombie Werewolf

Radioactive Zombie Werewolf

Written By Radioactive Zombie Werewolf on 2013-07-13 23:32:34

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Movie

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I have divided the reviews into 2 categories. 1) GODZILLA FANS - LOVED IT, BEST FREAKIN MOVIE EVER, WHEN CAN I SEE IT AGAIN. 2) NON-GODZILLA FANS - where is the love story? Where is the dialog? My childhood sucked (Oddly the nay-sayers seems to leave out that this film contains both). I would even go as far as to say that it contains a LOT more dialog and storyline that I expected. This movie covers the tale of a rift below the ocean that allows giant creatures from another dimension to enter earth and jack up pretty much every city they can get to. The humans create giant robots to battle these creatures called Kaijus. Fortunately if you have never been introduced to this world through Godzilla or some sort of animated rip off of Godzilla, then the movie doesn’t waste any time explaining things. Director Guillermo Del Toro doesn’t spare any effect or camera angle bringing us into this masterpiece of adventure action and some seemingly out of place storytelling. There are a few too many close ups for my liking however the cinematography for the most part is mind-blowing. PACIFIC RIM is not the most original film out there (but it’s not a sequel or reboot either), in fact it borrows from a lot of ideas in other films probably most obviously a scene in DEEP BLUE SEA. There are also some playful nods to old science fiction movies and probably best of all, really really well done fight sequences. Idris Elba isn’t quite as deep in his role as he was in OBSESSED, but he does a more than adequate job in his role as the leader of the giant robot pilots. Rinko Kikuchi (ASSAULT GIRLS –oddly named Lucifer as a playful goth chick) has come a long way winning me over in the role of Mako. Hellboy or at least Ron Perlman and Charlie Day provide some very embrace-able humor as well. Just to draw on some of the very subtle ideas in this film Del Toro imagines a world where our leaders actually get along to try and save the world (something that would be really cool in real life). He also uses some almost telepathic connections (not giving anything away) in the film which is pretty common in Japanese cinema (especially Godzilla movies). There is simply a LOT more here than what we see in the trailers but overall anyone looking for their toys to come to life and have the most epic battles ever, will love this movie.

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