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Review Pacific Rim film review by John-Albert V.

John-Albert V.

Written By John-Albert V. on 2013-07-31 23:29:19

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Movie

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Exciting, Fun, Badass. At least, these are some of the first few things that comes to mind when talking about Pacific Rim. I was at first skeptical thinking this was just going to be another Transformers movie with the shaky cam: NOPE. The only thing you can compare the two is the fact that they have robots but even then the term "robot" doesn't fit in Pacific Rim because the machine, Jaegar, is piloted by two people. A robot is a machine that can act on it's own. That being said, transformers are rotten oranges and Pacific Rim is a delicious apple pie. Digging in a bit deeper. If you want a strong story driven movie, that has fleshed out characters, romance, drama, and tear jerkers...surprisingly you'll be in for a treat. Granted we're not talking about "What's eating Gilbert Grape" but be rest assured, there are characters that you actually care for, moments when you gasp and be like "That did not just happen". Either way there is story in Pacific Rim but the action, baby jebus wearing a party hat, the action is what really hooks you in. To say the graphics were spectacular and the best I've ever seen would be an understatement, it's the moments these towering hulks of metal clash against the gigantic monsters, known as Kaiju, that your adrenaline sky rockets and you think to yourself "yes,just....yes". Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself I don't know, cut me some slack first movie review ever, but please believe when I say that you should, nay, need to see Pacific Rim. Probably the best dumb, fun, big summer action movie you have been waiting for. You will not regret it, if anything you may ask yourself "Why did I not see this movie earlier?!?!"

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