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Review Pacific Rim film review by Efren


Written By Efren on 2013-07-13 23:19:43

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Movie

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When alien monstrous creatures ravage the Earth, known as Kaijus, a war begins. Man kind fights for survival by creating monsters of their own, robotic monsters, known as Jaegers. This is a blockbuster popcorn movie at its best, as far as the scale it strives to accomplish. Every shot is done so stylistically well. Despite the rest of the film's flaws it never ever feels like Micheal Bay shoving mindless explosions in your face. Does it feel like a long anime episode? Yes, but it feels like one of the best anime's you've seen. Those action scenes are so coherent, so jaw-dropping and majestic to watch it forces your inner child to cheer at the screen. The same could be said about the characters but not in a negative sense. You're not going to find complex characters here and you've seen these types of characters before but its never over bearing. They are all fun to watch on screen. Newt (Charlie Day) and Hannibal Chau (Ron Pearlman) are hilarious from their introduction to the end. They are one of the many highlights of the movie. Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) and Mako (Rinko Kikuchi) are our lead focus characters. When Raleigh and Mako drift and share each others memories for the first time and witness Mako's devastating childhood, we are given the most powerful and frightening scene the film has to offer. It is all in favor of Del Toro's brilliant directing. With the backgrounds of these two leads established, I can now care about them and that was all I needed. That being said all the characters are very thin in the end but I could care less with everything that was going on. Personally, I saw Idris Elba as the true lead character of this tale. He is another highlight that isn't overwhelmed by the world. The guy can do anything and it is instantly good. You could argue it resembles Top Gun or Independence Day but in very minor aspects. Del Toro has created a rich, fantastical, exquisitely detailed world with Kaijus and Jaegers to deliver us a story of teamwork, hope, triumphing above all obstacles and ultimately a ton of fun. It is filled with cheesy moments and cheesy dialogue but it just adds more fun to its vibe. Where Transformers and battleship fail miserably. FINALLY! Someone gets it right. This is one of the perfect summer blockbusters and I can't wait to watch it a second time.

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