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Review Pacific Rim film review by MakoMori


Written By MakoMori on 2013-07-24 00:47:53

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Movie

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Thanks for Guillermo Del Toro as Producer for make Best Movie in 2013. Love all the Performer and Crew of This Movie. So Spectacular! Why I called Pacific Rim the Best Movie in 2013 ?? Here it is the Story : [b]"THREE TIMES I HAVE WATCH THIS EPIC MOVIE"[/b] Twice for 3D and One for IMAX, I Love this movie. At the beginning of the film we are presented by the action from Gipsy Danger And The Kaiju and tell about the story in the middle of movie with with the impressive performance of the Pilot and Co-Pilot of the Jaeger. I have to say "This Movie have a great story, but its very easy to understand for all ages with an [b]SO EPIC ACTION![/b]" Trust Me! And with the 2 Scientist who always have a deffent perception, this movie become a full of Laughing cause they're so Funny. (LOL). BIG IS AMAZING! Size of the Jaeger and Kaiju makes EVERYTHING AMAZING. you will just say one word in the end of the fight if u see the Jaeger and Kaiju fight : "WOOW" and you'll be able imagining if I was there! Thats what I feeling. And you'll listen carefully when Marshall introduce All of the Jaeger in Shatterdome. There are CRIMSON TYPHOON (China) with 3 Pilot, Red Color is match with the Jaeger thats Great!, Second is STRIKER EUREKA (Australia) with 2 Pilot. This is my favourite, the fastest Jaeger in the World, Then Cherno Alpha (Russia) with 2 Pilot is the most brutal, the biggest and the oldest Jaeger in the World. And finally you'll see Gipsy Danger as the Main Jaeger with 2 Pilot. Thats in the middle in the Movie that will bring you for the Epic Movie. And ....... This Is it! The End of the Movie is most part that I like when All Jaeger Fight Kaiju's. THAT'S SO EPIC with Action and the Slow Motion Effect! You'll Quiet and Say "WOW". If I was a Kaiju, I'll not Show my body in the City. Because there's a Jaeger who always Ready for Kill the Kaiju's. Because "To Fight Monsters, We Created Monsters". And I learn "There is No Sacrifice ? No Victory". After watch this Movie, you'll be able imagining to become a Jaeger Pilot! PACIFIC RIM is for you. Watch the Movie, Feel the Sci-Fi with an EPIC Action. And CANCEL THE APOCALYPSE !!! Just Shared My Desktop Design about Pacific Rim [img][/img]

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