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Written By Kuristofa99 on 2013-07-23 22:43:45

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Movie

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It’s difficult to pitch a movie with originality these days, as the movie industry doesn’t want to change, and why should it? With constant reboots, rewritten comedies, and comic book movies that are based on comics that are already critically acclaimed, Hollywood is doing fine and making billions off the routines it’s going through. Some, however, believe that there is so much more that can be created and rightfully so as we have only just scratched our imaginations. But the idea of a movie with giant robots, giant monsters, futuristic technology, and science fiction beyond your wildest dreams is a pitch that almost seems impossible for anyone to even consider it to make it a reality. But now that Guillermo Del Toro has brought us this movie, what does it bring to the table that other monster movie by legends such as Ray Harryhausen and Ishiro Honda have yet to bring. The short answer is nothing as not only is nothing really new, but all the clichés, twists, and characters are those that you would expect from an anime from the 1970s. But as I watched Pacific Rim, and jotted now how many times Pacific Rim took ideas from Anime’s like Evangelion and Macross, Monster Movies and shows like Godzilla and Power Rangers, I didn’t seem to care because every taken idea didn’t put disgust in my mouth, but rather a smile, and it never stopped from beginning to end. The story of Pacific Rim is one we’ve seen before, there are giant monsters attacking the world and we need to stop them. But Pacific Rim doesn’t stop there. No, it goes the whole way. With no spoilers, I can tell you that if you are a fan of even a couple anime’s, you won’t be surprised in the least of what, if anything, you’ll be surprised at how often they use a tired anime cliché. The characters as well are stolen and are the most generic. From the man who comes back to fight again after losing everything, to the girl who has the skills but no one treats her as so, to the jerk who is just there to be the jerk, there is not a single original character in Pacific Rim. Again, no spoilers, but there’s even a bunch of scenes where you ask, “How does that work?†and is never explained. But with all these negative appeals, lack luster characters, and a story that’s been more done to death than any list could list, why is this movie still good? I’ve never been this critical of any other movie in my life, and yet I’ve recommended it to everyone I’ve met, seen, and came across. The reason is not a reason that I’d normally recommend movies, as this is not a normal movie. It’s been years since we’ve seen a monster handled with such care as this. Yes, there’s a lot of clichés, nothing is really original, but enjoyment is different from quality, and that has to be in consideration when talking about a movie that’s meant to entertain you. I have never had so much fun watching a movie in a long time and most of that is due to the cinematography and design. Now for what you’ve come to hear, the monster fights. Just watching the trailers were enough for me to go see this movie, as giant robot fights are so awesome when they are on such a grand scale as big as this. They aren’t fast, blurred, hard to see, or even irritating to watch. They are slow, take time, let you take in all the work that was put into the animation and destruction but into these robots, monsters, and cities. It’s hard to explain awesomeness, which is why you need to see this movie. Movies now a days are meant for only one purpose, to make money, as so because it is an industry and it needs to make money. But Pacific Rim is different, as when I was watching the movie, I didn’t get that feeling. I got more of love, care, and admiration from Pacific Rim, which is something I haven’t taken from movies in so many years. With tons of action, care, and dedication to such a genre that hasn’t seen the light of day in so many years, it’s easy to get past all of the problems the movie has and for that, it deserves to be appreciated. Pacific Rim gets a 3 out of 5 in terms of quality, but a 5 out of 5 in terms of enjoyment and care, so hopefully that means something to you.

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