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Review Pacific Rim film review by RobertVPerez


Written By RobertVPerez on 2013-07-23 22:32:55

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Movie

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i have always loved monster movies. especially Toho's Godzilla franchise. and ever since i logged onto the fandango movie site for upcoming movies, i saw what looked like a Halo movie as a i thought that the Gipsy Danger Jaegar looked like a spartan. so i naturally took an interest and was excited to find out that it was an upcoming monster movie. and the fight that humans would build giant mechs to combat the monsters was mindblowing. once i finally saw the movie, in IMAX 3D. i left the theater absolutely amazed. i thought the movie had a great beginning with showing how the Kaiju came into our world. and the scene when becketts brother was killed by KnifeHead was necessary to get us on the humans side. including when KnifeHead took out Gipsy Dangers arm causing Becketts arm to be damaged. Mako was another great addition to the film. and the scene when she was a little girl was just incredible. i felt it was sad to see a little girl wondering the streets while Omnibaba (the Kaiju) was roaming the streets. it was a very powerful scene that helped the audience warm up to Mako and made her my personal favorite Jaegar pilot. The Jaegars were each incredible in their own ways. whether it was from design or their combat capabilities. Gipsy Danger is my favorite Jaegar. the Stryker Eureka. then Crimson Typhoon. then Cherno Alpha. then Coyote Tango. each Jaegar was very brutal in battle. however i felt that Coyote Tango didnt get as much screen time as it deserved. The Kaijus, like the Jaegars. were all incredible in their own ways. KnifeHead was awesome. and Leather Back was a brutal war machine. and The Category 5 Kaiju was just Terrifying. All in All, i loved Pacific Rim. i have seen the movie several times. and it got better everytime i watched it. and i cannot wait for Pacific Rim to come out on Blu-Ray.

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