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Review Pacific Rim film review by ElectricEmu


Written By ElectricEmu on 2013-07-23 21:54:50

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Movie

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Only two words can describe this movie: "TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!!" Pacific Rim is an action-pack summer movie that is totally worth the price of admission. I just saw it in 2d and I freak'in LOVED it! The movie itself is pretty much a love letter to the Japanese Giant Monster movies and unlike previous American-made Giant Monster movies (Godzilla 1998 and Cloverfield) it really does capture the the trill of seeing giants fighting in a city. Here's the main storyline: it's been 12 years since the first Kaiju (giant monster) attack. Constant Kaiju attacks have strain Earth resources to its limit and all of the remains of the Jaeger (giant robot) Project are being gathered for a Do or Die final attack before Earth becomes completely helpless against the Kaiju Invasion. The main focus of the movie are the humans working on the Jaeger Project. The movie does a great job with the main characters to the point that I feel like I really got to know each of the main characters and I wanted to root for them. The two main scientists really steal the show for me as they argue about theories and will go to great lengths to try to prove that the other is wrong. While the movie does introduce and explore the American and Australian pilots well I feel like the Russian and Chinese pilots weren't explored at all and were there just to be Kaiju fodder. The Jaegers look cool. Each was different and identifiable. But like their pilots, I felt like the Russian and Chinese Jeagers were only there to be destroyed. The Kaijus were awesome. True to the Japanese monster movies, no two monsters were the same. Each had different characteristics and abilities and none of them looked boring. I loved their looks, I loved their mass destruction, and I loved how each of them died. NONE of them felt like a disappointment to me. Overall, this was an AWESOME movie. I hadn't have this much fun watching a movie since the Star Wars rerelease in '97. I hope this movie does well because I want to see more of this.

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