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Review Pacific Rim film review by Mandi7882


Written By Mandi7882 on 2014-01-05 17:13:04

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Movie

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It has been quite a few decades since I was a toddler, bit I remember it to be the best times of my life. I had two older brothers who loved sci-fi and horror so our home was always filled with tons of films from all over the world in that genre. My favorites were the ones with little kid in thems, like myself and the giant monsters. The films were obviously made for my generations, they were fun, whimsical, fantasy. Quite a lot of suspension of disbelief but I was 4 years old , so what did I know about that? But sadly, those films went away. They stopped being shown frequently so by the time I was 10, they were hard to view unless you bought them or rented them.

But in 2013 comes Pacific Rim. A movie that is a homage to the genres of those fims back then. It was an ambitious effort that actually pays off within those memories, and with todays technology. Watching Pacific Rim in the theaters in IMAX and 3D took me back to when films were fun, and everyone at the showing had a good time watching. The Special Effects and sound are top notch. The Kaiju were big, menacing, scary, but not too terrifying to the younger crowd. The Robots were representative of their countries and were designed big and mechanical. It's Robots and Monsters, and the ones shown were quite exciting to watch.

Pacific Rim gave you what it advertised, Robots fighting monsters. This is a movie that takes you back to when there wasn't any blantent movie product placements to disturb your eyes, no trumped up love story to ruin the flow, no celebrity-star names because the stars are the jaegers and the monsters. There were the crazy scientists and the guy who always tries to make a buck out of disasters, but I found it all entertaining. The characters in this film had a directive and that was to fight monsters that was destroying the world, and that they did. I enjoyed the experience fully.

I own the Blu-Ray and while still a nice view, it misses the big screen 3D  and audience experience that made it even more fun. For me, its not perfect, because I'd like to have seen more fights during the day, more kaiju monster shots (for example, the opening Kaiju in San Francisco with Axehead I wish had more buildup and shots to see why it lives up to that name, and Leatherback was very menacing I wanted to know more about it, Slattern could have had much more too, and Otachi is a scene stealer!), and more development about the International Robots (mechas) and pilots (for example Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha seemed interesting but they were introduced and ended all too quickly for me, whereas I knew enough about Striker Eureka and of course, Gypsy Danger). But that didn't take away any of the nostalgia for me, infact it is much to build on with Pacific Rim 2. And I really hope they do decide to build upon this with one more big screen adventure.

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