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Review Godzilla vs. Megaguirus film review by Durp004


Written By Durp004 on 2014-10-07 16:02:10

Godzilla vs. Megaguirus

Godzilla vs. Megaguirus Movie

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This movie is pretty hard to describe. Usually when I rate a movie I can clearly list the things I like a dislike but this one is pretty much mediocre to slightly bad across the board. It has some interesting ideas and some of the scenes are very well done, but overall I feel the movie had too many glaring flaws to be considered good. 

The movie does a good job of establishing it's in its own timeline as the flashbacks and dates basically knock off any potential films to be connected to it besides G2000 which I question why they just didn't attach it to this but anyway. You get a look at godzilla's history it's cool seeing black and white on the new design. The flashback concerning the character Kiriko is pretty bad. Despite at that point it being established that he's shown up numerous times they try to attack him with RPGs on foot. She also tries to shoot him one more time despite it being clear that it had no effect on him causing her commanding offficer to die saving her. We're then introduced to Kudo he doesn't really do much character wise. He's pretty much a background character from then on until the end where he fixes the dimension tide, aka a black hole gun. That's the way they're going to beat Godzilla in this movie, with a black hole. I could get into why it would be a terrible idea to make a black hole and shoot it at earth but it's such a fun idea I love it so screw logic. The black hole however creates a wormhole on a test run that releases an ancient dragonfly that lays an egg. I feel the need to address that this wormhole never happens again except maybe in the end? That's still up for debate though. Anyway a kid shows up and what else do you do when you see a strange egg that's obviously not native? Well you don't tell anyone and you take it home with you. To the movie's credit they use this child well. He stays just long enough to be a plot point but doesn't overstay his welcome and become a focal point. Anyway the egg hatches while flooding the city, since he dropped it in the sewer and I guess the technology to get it out before it becomes giant and hatches like 100 10 feet long dragonflies just wasn't there in 2000. So the Meganula fly to godzilla who they're trying to shoot the black hole and and here comes the best scene in the movie. Yes that's right Godzilla fighting a swarm of smaller Meganula is really actually awesome. We've never really seen him take on hordes of smaller monsters before and this was a real treat. He smashes them against a wall swats at them and seems to be getting overwhelmed meanwhile the demension tide is locked on and firing down at him! Sounds like an awesome finale right? Well unfortunately it's not and after surviving the DT he heads toward tokyo following the Meganula who were draining him in the attack. That's right the 10 ft tall dragonflies also survived the black hole. From here on basically the same scene repeats except instead of fighting a swarm he fights the Queen Megaguirus.

To describe Megaguirus is hard. Design wise she looks pretty cool, but whenever they show a full body shot it looks so fake. There are a few close ups between her and godzilla showing her from the chest up that look good but everytime it's full body looks like a toy. There are also a few shots you can clearly see the strings. I mean very clearly, luckily these go away for the most part during the scenes with her in the daylight.

The final fight is hard to describe. It seemed like a comedy mixed with showa elements. For instance when Megaguirus speeds up she just flies behind godzilla not attacking just making sure he can't see her, then another time when he gets knocked over he looks up to see her just floating there not actively doing anything to keep him dazed and confused but waiting for him to notice her so she can knock a piece of a building onto him. Personally I couldn't help but think "meep meep" everytime she ran around godzilla. Godzilla also strikes a pose after his spine cuts her claw and does a bodyslam pretty much on the same level as his drop kick.

Anyway this review is getting long so I'll just say I'd recommend one watch, but don't expect anything special. It has interesting ideas but the characters suck the effects go up and down from good to horrible, and the story is eh, but if you do check it out just remember during the final fight scene "meep meep".

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