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Written By Durp004 on 2014-08-17 19:38:11

Godzilla vs. Destoroyah

Godzilla vs. Destoroyah Movie

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This is my favorite of the series. I'm not going to pretend it doesn't have flaws as it does, but the sheer enjoyment and love I have for it very much outweighs the flaws in my opinion. Some of the effects are really bad, like REALLY bad. They use toys for the Destroyahs at times, and they have a few too many characters so none really get delved into very deeply, but they're all likeable and it's fun seeing what they're doing as essentially there's a countdown to the world ending. Godzilla is done very well here. He's the centerpoint of the movie as he should be for a movie that is about his death. Everything happens around him. Destroyah is an awesome monster. Feeding off the very thing that killed the original godzilla he is essentially the form I would think of if I pictured the oxygen destroyer as a monster, and the thing that killed godzilla. Like most heisei suits it's a little too bulky for the melee fights that showa consisted of, but there are still plenty of scenes of Destroyah showing how big and bad he is, probably more than most monster in heisei. He's one monster who I legitimately thought could kill Godzilla. Every other monster up until that point did well, but there was never a doubt in my mind Godzilla could win. Watching destroyah kill junior made me second quess this mindset for this movie. It was cool seeing Emiko come back if only for a few scenes. If there was one person who should be brought in to talk about the oxygen destroyer who better than her. 

The godzilla death scene is what really separates this film from most. This wasn't the first godzilla where it was a good thing he was dying when you watched it. This was a Godzilla you'd watch save the japanese military, get left for dead come back stronger fight numerous monsters, have everything thrown at him, and raise a child. You were attached to this Godzilla, and seeing him melt down was an extremely touching moment for what was a monster that never had any dialogue, and was often portrayed as a villain but I still cared for more that most human characters. It's for this reason though that I have to recommend you watch the whole series of heisei to truly grasp this death. If you can't still go watch it because it's an awesome movie. One of the best, and my personal favorite. 

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