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Written By SuperZillaRealms on 2018-01-18 07:57:02

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters Movie

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Godzilla: Planet of The Monsters is the first fully animated Godzilla film with a bit of a new twist to his origins but it works that way. I like the way that Toho is giving us fresh ideas to make sure that the series won't get stale over time. It is more like a Sci-Fi/Action film that did keep me on edge during scenes with the Servum and Godzilla especially with a huge plot twist at the end. At first I was worried about the animation because with  Polygon Pictures they make 3D characters move like 2D characters but they didn't they knew what they were doing there was a lot of great moments of scale from the slow movements to the angles you actully feel the size and weight of the monster, I especially like it when Godzilla fires the atomic breath and the camera starts shaking like you are actually there yourself. The characters were great but the one that stood out the most is Haruo who had a backstory that connects to Godzilla before becoming older. Anyways the first act introduces Haruo who threatens to blow up a shuttle if they didn't change course because the planet was uninhabitable but his grandpa convinces him not to, its great to see a character to have a connection to someone but Haruo was right it was uninhabitable as soon as rumours start rising about returning to earth a file appears that has data on Godzilla this sets up the return to earth and setting up a plan to take down Godzilla and it does show a bit of biology on Godzilla showing us a weak point in his back just like in Shin Godzilla, Metphies said there were other creatures that attack other civilizations being similar to the monsters of this earth meaning we maybe see alien kaiju in the sequel but thats just my thought. The second acts shows the new environment created from Godzilla himself including the Servum, The Servum attack is a bit breif and they discover that the Servum is a descendent from Godzilla. Godzillas his first appearence in the film well not in a flashback shows us his new roar and I like that echo effect. Haruo attempts to use what I'll call a hover bike to get Godzilla to use his shield and record the data to find the sound that will shut down his shield, it doesn't work well because bullets won't hurt Godzilla he attempts to slam into him but doesn't have to when a tank opens fire on Godzilla deploying his shield and using his atomic breath. They get the data and make a few changes to the plan like luring Godzilla deeper in the valley and ambush it. The remaining members use the hover bikes to lure Godzilla into the valley but they get attacked by a swarm of Servum But with the help of the second squad most of the crew lived and countinued on with the plan. Haruo eventually uses the transport ships to bomb Godzilla to lure him into the valley. As soon as Godzilla gets to the ambush point Haruo activates bombs that we placed on hilltops trapping Godzilla like what happened in Godzilla Raids again. The tanks then open fire on Godzilla but the shields recharges but drops in 20 seconds then they countinue their assult but during the battle they learn that it can still attack and it the recharge is even faster but Haruo gets into a power suit and drive the emp down its back and the shield drops a lot faster this allows the other suits to deploy theirs as well. Godzilla then dies GMK style. At the end it is said that this Godzilla wasn't the same one that appeared in 2048 then the real Godzilla appears this time being 300 meters in height Metphies called Godzilla the "King Of Destruction" but in the ebgglish dub he called him the King Of The Monsters anyway Haruo attempts to distract the beast but Godzilla fire some kind of attack that I'll call the Vibration Breath then he swings his tail killing everyone except for Haruo who gets rescued by a mysterious girl in an after credits scene. The poster for the sequel has been released showing the new design for Mechagodzilla but most G-Fans have predicted that Mechagodzilla will be in the sequel with the concept dubbed "Mechagodzilla City". When I tried translating it I got "GODZILLA: Battle Movement Mobile Culture City" which is a bit of a mouthful but not compared to GMK. Anyway the animation was fantastic, the characters were great, the story is fresh, the monster were scary just not terrifying. I even like the dubbed version of the film and I love that speaker effect. I am looking forward to the 2018 sequel

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