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Written By creaturefeature74 on 2017-11-03 13:15:02

Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla Movie

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While not in the bottom 5 G films, it's certainly in the bottom 10.

Godzilla is a character, every incarnation (even 1998) had Godzilla have a personality and motivations. What does this one have? I've had a lot of people go "NOT UH" to me saying this and they have never answered that question. He wanders around aimlessly unless provoked. He has no reason to attack Japan, he would be better off if he just stayed in the ocean away from society. What possible motivation or character traits could be deduced from him not even moving anything above the waist and shooting lasers when he is injured?

The human characters in the movie are no better. When it takes a few seconds for me to register that a major character just died and even then I feel nothing, then there is a major issue. There are no characters in this movie. Thus I rooted for no one and I even wanted Mrs Patterson to die because for a 3RD GENERATION JAPANESE AMERICAN her English is god awful. It's like they picked someone for only their looks, and not for the part. OH WAIT THAT'S WHAT THEY DID. I constantly keep hearing how emotional and relatable the characters are and how they are so deep, and then when I ask them to name 5 of the over 100 characters I get nothing. When it's preferable to have a cast of backround characters from a mid Showa Godzilla film you have done something very wrong.

Introducing characters with text on the screen is very lazy. Stop doing it

The soundtrack has great music, but the way it's implemented into the film is atrocious. You can't hear anything from Who Will Know due to the chaos that is ensuing on screen. Persecution of the masses plays over shots of people interpreting the constitution, and the classic (lazily reused) tracks are haphazardly thrown in because it will get the nostalgia of the fans in the audience going. Also shout outs to Koyashitai (Probably butchered the spelling there) and Early Morning in Tokyo for absolutely destroying the tone and making me burst out laughing

The special effects are very inconsistent, for every good shot there is a bad one. The worst ones are  G going into a coma for the first time when he takes those awkward weightless steps before just ceasing to move, the tail rising out in the beginning, any time there is blood on the screen and pretty much every shot from the final, very anticlimactic finale

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