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Review Godzilla film review by Lone


Written By Lone on 2014-06-05 06:21:26


Godzilla Movie

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Having just recently seen Godzilla, I’m pretty late to the table with my thoughts on the movie! But here goes anyway…

Having seen and loved Monsters, I understand why Legendary had the foresight to place Gareth Edwards at the helm. Considering that this was his first BIG studio movie, I think he has shown incredible respect, skill and foresight, and pretty much pulled off the impossible!

I say that because he had the difficult task of trying to please an already established fan base, whilst attempting to draw in a new audience.

On top of that, there was Godzilla himself, and how to do him proper justice on screen. Gareth Edwards treatment of said subject matter was simply stunning!

In true Hitchcock style, just when we were totally involved with both him and his quest, Brian Cranston’s, Joe Brody was killed off. Ken Watanabe was also amazing, another truly gifted actor, whose intense Dr. Serizawa manages to portray great emotion through mere facial and bodily expression.

I was totally caught up in the characters and story, but to be completely honest, nothing else really mattered when the big guy finally made his debut. Seeing how incredible, and fantastic he looked was a truly emotional experience. I literally had a lump in my throat whenever Big G appeared in all his amazing CGI glory!

The slow build up and mere glimpses, before Godzilla’s total reveal, was definitely the correct approach, because it gave him even more impact, when his full force, finally comes into play. When that blue fluorescent glow began it’s upwards momentum along his spines, you knew what was about to happen, and boy did it ever!

The M.U.T.O.’S were incredible too, and proved successful new adversaries to The King of Monsters.

In summing up, without doubt, this incarnation of Godzilla is a new beginning, and one which ensures he remains The King of Monsters.

Roll on the next instalment!

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