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Review Godzilla film review by Cryolophosaurus


Written By Cryolophosaurus on 2014-05-17 21:40:23


Godzilla Movie

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I shall start out by listing my review down to the core points I'm going to disscuss in this review.

Sound. To put it simply, the sound design in this movie was excelent, their was great definition, volume, bass and much more. Everything had a belivable sound, especially the monsters.

Visuals. I was very impressed with the visuals, everything looked good even in the daylight, the monsters looked organic in movement, the cgi for the tsunami was great, the same goes for the city destruction, and how the creatures looked as they interacted with the world around them.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Story. Now this is an important topic in my opinion because personally I enjoyed the story as it had good pace, was extremely belivable both from the Humans side and from the monsters side. But in some areas of the movie it is painfully obvious that there was a scene that was supposed to accompony another scene but didnt make the studios final cut, but fortunately there isnt to much damage and the movie can get away with it.                   

Characters. Now I personally think that all the characters were set up great with only a few cheesy moments that were needed to remind us that these peaple are human. I'm only going to review two of the cast because I find that they are the ones being undeservedly picked on.

Aaron-Taylor johnson and his character Ford Brody have been getting alot of negativity for (from what I can tell) no good reason. I found Aaron-Taylor Johnson's performance to be quite good, even excellent at times in the movie, it just seems to me that some peaple cant grasp the consept of an army trained man that is often cool, collected, and not prone to burst out in tears, as that seems to be Ford Brodys personality.

Elizabeth Olsen's character Ellie Brody (thats how I belive it's pronounced) was in my opinion a very down to earth and human character, instead of an amazeing but unrealistic badass, she is just a normal women thrown into extraordinary circumstances. Her husband just gets home from a four-teen month tour in Iraq, only to be shipped of to Tokyo, only to have a massive earthquake announced and she cant get a hold of her husband who (as far as she knows) was in Tokyo at the time, then he calls her and tells her that he's alive in Hawaii and comeing home, only for her to walk in on the television showing Hawaii getting demolished by two massive creature's and thats only half the movie, so please excuse me if it's so hard to beleive that a person like Ellie has the rite to be over-emotional.

Music. Well the music really did it's job, no it may not be super memerable but it got the job done setting the tone of the current events takeing place, and foreshadowing whats to come. I found the music to be quite good even by itself since it's all mostly orchestra.

Muto. Sweet jesus. I can say with 100% certianty that the Muto's are my favorite Godzilla enemies in the franchise, but as that is just my opinion I shall just go over afew of my favorite things about them.

Male Muto: Well to start off the male Muto I'll say that he was a good representation of a real male animal, while no good representatives of mammal species would be found for the male Muto, I belive that the best way to look at the male Muto, is to look at it as a chimera of Bird, Insect, and Reptile. Because physically it fit's well within the realms of all three animal groups , but the social structure seems to represent a more reptilian nature. And the way that they have the Muto act in multiple parts of the movie based on what seems to be instinct is very cool to see, instead of them showing the Muto as an evil creature. Oh, yeah, the male Muto can fly so that's cool (obvious fake indiferance). The Muto roars were very good in my opinion and sound quite natural.

Female Muto: I quite liked the female Muto in the fact that they also made her feel very beleivable, when her eggs were under threat by Godzilla she charged in and went to town as a real female animal would do. And when Ford blows up the eggs, I had water in my eyes at the fact that the female Muto sounded almost destroyed from the loss of her offspring, I quickly pulled it together once I realized what would happen once she saw Ford lying their next to the destroyed nest. But enough about that. I would classifie the female Muto as a chimera of Arachnids, and Reptiles. Her physical appearance fits both realms, where the social structure is clearly reptilian in nature. The Muto roars were very good in my opinion and sound quite natural.

Godzilla. Loved the design, I thaught it really captured the overwhelming monstrousness that Godzilla should be known for, I still cant fathom why peaple are complaining about his weight, he looks very muscular, but not fat. His roar was amazing to listen to in IMAX surround sound. I'm glad he's not just dragging his tail and it's up off the ground. And last but not least, his atomic breath, and I can say with all certainty that this Godzilla's atomic breath is my favorite of any Godzilla. Now it may sound like I'm sucking up to the movie, but I genuinly enjoy the new breath, it seems like a mixture between a flame thrower type breath, mixed with his older beam like breath's, and I'm happy it's still blue.

Monster Battles. For the monster battles I must say unlike alot of peaple I enjoyed not seeing the airport fight scene, as it would have dragged out the movie, and the climax wouldnt have been as fulfilling. But, ohhhh.....that climax, the brutal deaths of both the Muto's was very well done, with the male being impaled by Godzilla's tail spikes, and being crushed against the skyscraper, the male death was extremely brutal, but felt right in some way. And then there's the female Muto's death scene, and oh sweet jesus, was it brutaly epic, Godzilla just tearing her mouth open and shoveing his atomic breath down her throat (fan-fic peaple DONT FAIL ME NOW), and then her head being completely severed. It was without a doubt the most badass kill in anything ever........of all time. And the absolute destruction of their fight's was astoundingly beautiful. Watching buildings being toppled over as Godzilla or one of the Muto's is tossed into it, or hell even Godzilla just standing up out of the ocean was cool. But my favorite destruction scene was when Godzilla first getts up next to the golden gate bridge, and then smashes through it on his way to the Muto's.

Liitle Muto thaught. Now one of the coolest scenes in my opinion while regarding the monster's, was the scene between the female and male Muto when the male brings the female the nuke. It's a moment that really got to me, but no one else really seems to have paid it any mind. But I find that scene as an almost touching "epiphany" moment when you realise that these creature's arnt evil, they are capable of compassion and are nurturing parents that are just doing whatever it takes to ensure the survival of their species.

Out of Movie Comment. Now as someone who is patient and likes a good buildup and story, I find the complaint that there is not enough Godzilla completely unjustified. There is more than enough Godzilla in this movie, I know I would have disliked this movie alot if it played out more like pacific rim where we get the monster battles every 20-25 minutes.

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