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Review Godzilla film review by Jahilianaire


Written By Jahilianaire on 2014-05-16 22:56:40


Godzilla Movie

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Godzilla roars into a new life! Godzilla 2014 is a spectacular reincarnation of the famed and legendary MUTO, the largest Kaiju, the only: GOJIRA!

Godzilla's new design is very classicaly imposed, a stout but strong body, heaping tail, and gruesome face with a kind heart still shown. The atomic roar is minimally but efficiently used, and the deisng of the two other MUTO's are crosses of a moth and bat for the male, and spider and Cloverfield monster for the female. 

The cast, though much wasted in pointless drama sequences, has an all star lineup of Bryan Cranston (emotionally rivetting, though cut too short) Ken Watanabe (the sensei and elder scientist, though seemed writers were afraid to hear his voice) and Aaron Taylor Johnsons (the 'kid hero' father, fighting to save San Fran along with Zilla).

Overall, the focus seemed more on the MUTOs, the humans, and less on Godzilla; destructivley, there could have been more, but overall a great story line with major plot points, and a fantastic reboot of the classic monter. 

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