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Review Elysium film review by Rohan


Written By Rohan on 2013-08-10 02:50:59


Elysium Movie

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We don’t have to dive deep into the core of [b]Elysium[/b] to seek for answers or to comprehend its infra-narrative. Blomkamp's take on the future is downright a scary world. And it becomes arduous, once understood what's really in the surface of the plot, to glance at what's coming. And whatever is coming, we can't stop it. – But what Elysium teaches us all is that within the society, our leaders can lead us all towards a future free of redundant onuses. In a very straightforward manner [b]Neill Blomkamp[/b], as a writer and director, takes his audiences into the heart of the problems that we all live with. And, it's a clever move as what Blomkamp has done is that, he has taken the advantage of the Science Fiction genre to present, not empty, yet a message that is deep as much as it is dark. Elysium is set in the year 2154, where the very wealthy live on man-made space station while the rest of the population resides on a ruined Earth. A man, known as Max, limned terrifically by [b]Matt Damon[/b], takes on a mission that could bring equality to the polarized worlds. I find it essential when a film-maker presents an honest film, and one who isn't a shy one, will always find room in my heart. As a society, if we see it deeply, we live in a situation, where some like to think that the societies are made up of Christmas cards. Blomkamp is conveying that we are in a way heading towards a world, where in the end of it, very far in the horizon, man with wealth will distant themselves and leave man with nothing in their pockets behind. Looking deeply at it, we are in a way already residing in a greedy world. Max like many of us wants to take himself to [i]Elysium[/i] as it is better up there. Unfortunately, for Max, he has less time. I am going to be cautious here with the spoilers. What Max wants to achieve is what I want to achieve. What my neighbors wants to achieve. We all possess, in our hearts, the same desire: To live in peace, prosperity and with great health. Elysium, besides its message, is a classy film. It comes with its own unique attitude and authenticity; sophisticated technology, weapons, robot police and even probation officers. It slams in the ground and shatters the summer blockbuster paradigm. And maybe, some will find it a bit problematic as it provides less action sequences. Blomkamp, here perhaps understands that presenting loads of nonsensical and over the top loud action, is not going to do justice to the tone of his script. What's louder than the action sequences of the film, which by the way are magnificently executed, is the film's very subtext and its essential moral. Elysium is an excellent work, a good science fiction film, that as times passes will become a beloved title among all. The purpose of a good film is to teach us. Make one aware of the future and draw a sketch of the possibilities. Do we really need a space station like Elysium? – We have the Earth. Since we all have earned the right by nature to reside on a planet like Earth then why we are in the verge of ruining it? – This is what Elysium is asking us all. This is what a good film is asking us. Do you have an answer? If so, then let's save each other; we are all Citizens. Citizens of this beautiful planet, which is known as Earth.

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