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Review Deadpool film review by tararampramp


Written By tararampramp on 2016-02-14 22:04:05


Deadpool Movie

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Hilarious, Action-Packed & Indeed Kicks Ass!

worldwide and for years as well it has taken so long to get a film adaptation made for the big screen. Though the character was featured in the weak X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the appearance of him wasn't considered worth it as his appearance had been altered and wasn't given the proper character treatment to win over the fans. Finally, after years of development hell. Ryan Reynolds reprises Deadpool in the way that sticks true to it's source material and the results are worth the ticket price and time to watch.

I won't give away too much on plot details but it does play out as both an origin story and a revenge plot that breaks away from the traditional 'superhero' movie. It charts the beginning of Deadpool as a wise-cracking, foul-mouthed and really abstracted anti-hero, showcasing how he had earned his powers and what made him become this figure. I think the plot itself is great and it doesn't drag itself once in the film and best of all it doesn't take a whole movie to establish the main character's origin unlike a certain film from last year (coughing "Fantastic Four").

In terms of acting, there are solid performances throughout but the best of the bunch would definitely be Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool. This is possibly his best performance in film to date, though I have watched Reynolds in other great films such as The Change Up, Safe House, The Voices and even Buried but this role in particular is often seen and considered a 'redeeming role' as previously he had played the role of Deadpool before in XMO: Wolverine and of course the cheesy but bad Green Lantern for DC. His delivery on humour is present throughout and when things get slightly serious he does what he does best and lightens the moment. The supporting cast handle themselves as well as Reynolds, with 'Game of Thrones' actor Ed Skein, 'comic refief' T.J. Miller, 'the more tougher female than Ronda Rousey' Gina Carano and the lovely Morena Baccarin giving their best to keep the story's characters great. Only minor negative to say was the film's villain wasn't given enough polish as to show why he was bad (though we are shown why he's a threat to Deadpool and was just as powerful as he was) but we aren't given a true purpose villain that wants to dominate the world but thankfully Skein does give his best throughout in both terms of acting and stunt work.

Direction is strong from first time director Tim Miller, he keeps the film moving along in a decent pace that's not rushed and the production value set for the film is quality assured as costume design, visual effects and make up are all worthwhile and it's script is pretty polished throughout with humour, exciting action set-pieces and the best 4th wall breaks/ meta humour I've seen in years (the knocks at both Wolverine, GL and even the trouble to get a Deadpool movie made are hilarious in particular) .

Overall, Deadpool is a blast of a movie that packs action, comedy and superhero cliché's into one and even pokes fun of not only itself but breaks the 4th wall in wonderful ways. Only a fault with its villain in terms of character development, Deadpool will leave you leaving the cinema in the most awesome way possible and stick around after the credits for a cool surprise.

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