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Written By Huge-Ben on 2015-11-28 09:43:46

Attack on Titan (Part I)

Attack on Titan (Part I) Movie

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Attack-titan-live-action-movie. My review! by hugeben

Manga & Anime / Traditional Media / Mixed Media©2015 hugeben Starring: Haruma Miura (Eren.)
Hiroki Hasegawa (squad leader Shikishima.)
Kiko Mizuhara (Mikasa.)
Kanata Hongo (Armin.)
And Satomi Ishihara (squad leader Hans.)

Directed by Shinji Higuchi

Special effects by: Katsuro Onoue

Warning! Warning! This review contains massive spoilers!

The movie begins with a cartoonish story board flashback of the titans devouring humanity and decimating civilization a 100 years ago. Survivor's build 3 giant walls to breach the attack and stop any further titan invasions.

In today's society, Eren has been fired from his job. Armin and Mikasa go and search for him. What's to say? Mikasa is a bombshell!

Eventually, Armin and Mikasa find Eren standing on top of a huge bomb that has not yet exploded. Trying to convince Eren to go back to town, these three end up heading towards the tallest wall. While staring at the wall, Japanese military soldiers end up fighting Eren and try to get them to go back to town. Suddenly, a colossal titan appears and starts wrecking the wall by kicking it. The screams of this colossal titan sounds like pain and agony. Even evil and hateful at times. This colossal titan is much bigger than the tallest wall and it looks terrifying.

The lower section of the wall is broken and smaller titans enter the entrance. All hell eventually breaks loose and the military is powerless to stop them. The titans can be hurt but, they have a much quicker regenerative healing ability than Godzilla did in the heisei series. The movie is bloody but, it takes itself very seriously. It is a horror movie after all. There are 3 types of titans. The colossal, being the biggest. The adult titans. And even baby titans. These titans are deformed humans after all and look so real it's not even funny. They have no reproductive organs so, how they reproduce is unknown. These titans are terrifying in looks and are also badass looking.

The movie is very true to it's core. Like anything in a horror movie, there is blood, scenes of destruction in which Shinji Higuchi' s miniatures look fantastic. People running and panicking for their lives. Etc.

The combination of both tokusatsu suit acting and CGI is delicious and tremendous! Shinji Higuchi did an outstanding job with this movie.

Back to the movie, while Eren, Mikasa, and Armin run, they eventually separate. Eren ends up locked in a church like house and Mikasa is left outside holding a baby in her arms. Eren looks on in fear as a female titan closes in for the kill. Eren steps outside and Mikasa has vanished. Getting locked out of the church like structure, the titans tear it apart and devour all inside. Ironic, right?
The town is in ruins and Eren walks off.

Well, 2 years later, a lot of the so called "kids" have become the town's last hope in defeating the titans. Each is equipped with the ODMG. Omni-directional mobility gear, in which squad leader Hans demonstrates how to use mistakenly.

At sunset, these heroes will depart to Monzen to attempt to end the titans reign. Families say their goodbyes to these heroes but, Armin and Eren will have no one waiting for them. Eventually, these heroes pack their gear and head out.

While traveling, a legend of a titan slaying goddess is brought up. No one knows who she is. While in pursuit, the heroes have to stop due to cows blocking their path. Eren and Hiana, a potato eating girl who is starving like the others wonder off. Hiana heard a cry of a baby nearby. They stumbled upon the baby only to find out it was a baby titan. The baby hurts itself and starts crying, waking up the adult titans. All hell breaks loose again.

Shikishima and the goddess reveal themselves killing a few titans. Eren looks like he's seen a ghost. The goddess is Mikasa. The titans have a nice droll effect when eating their meals. I left that out but, oh well.

Eventually Eren confronts Mikasa who told him that the baby was eaten and so was she. She shows him her side in which a chunk was taken out of her and was scared for life. She wants revenge and wants to kill all the titans.

The titans begin their rampage again and it's up to our heroes to stop them. Armin is almost devoured but, is saved by Eren who is devoured in the process.
Somehow, someway, Eren himself becomes a titan and literally kicks the shit out of the other titans. Making him an anti-hero. Eren' s titan form is just incredibly awesome and scary.

To wrap this up, this movie is insanely good! The actors take their roles very seriously, the tokusatsu and CGI special effects are astonishing! Overall, a 4/5 stars for me. I recommend all fans of kaijus to watch this and to keep a very open mind while watching it.

I hope you all enjoyed my review.


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