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Review All Monsters Attack film review by Gojira2K


Written By Gojira2K on 2014-11-02 12:00:07

All Monsters Attack

All Monsters Attack Movie

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For a Godzilla movie, it is definitely not the best one. But for a inspirational movie, it really has a good moral to it: Stand up for yourself. It's about a boy named Ichiro, who dreams that he is friends with Minya, Godzilla's son. Together they share adventures together, such as standing up to Minya's and Ichiro's bullies, both named Gabara, granted one the monster is a whole lot cooler. Gabara's one power is that the horn on his head sends electricity through his arms which can be used to electricute his victims. Minya eventually defeats him and Ichiro takes a note from Minya and stands up against his version of Gabara. Overall, a good moral movie, but not exactly a Godzilla, but still pretty good.

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