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Review Alien vs. Predator film review by Durp004


Written By Durp004 on 2014-07-29 01:28:54

Alien vs. Predator

Alien vs. Predator Movie

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Okay depending what you want this movie can either be really great, or completely horrible. Personally when I saw the title, after watching all prior installments of both series I was expecting the same thing as Freddy vs Jason. I wasn't going for the great horror that Alien had, and I wasn't going for the enjoyable characters Predator had I was going to see these two sci fi monsters butt heads and brawl. That's honestly what you get. The film starts out kind of slow, and there's no doubt had it followed the games or comics and took place in space it would have been better, but I found the locations worked very well. They're stuck in the Antarctic so there's no other people the feeling of being alone is there. It takes place in a predator pyramid, which btw the changing walls were soooooooo good for this. It added excitement, but on the downside it made it very clear who was going to die every time. The chacters really aren't much to talk about, think the cast from Alien Resurrection without Ripley and you basically have it. It was nice to see Lance Henrikson play Weyland. He did pretty well. The aliens and Predators look great. The fights are amazing, there are even a few laughs.


With all that being said I can see how some one might hate this. It stays semi close to the predator movies seeing as they took place in a current timeline, but it strays quite far from the alien movies. There's no real horror aspects besides a few cheep jump scares, and when someone dies you really don't know them enough to care. If you go in with the expectations of seeing a sci fi great like the first two Alien movies or Predator You may be disappointed, but if you just want to sit back and watch these two monsters fight then this is definitely a movie for you

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