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Was lv 426 well past volcanic activity ? Was volcanic activity something that has long since been non existent ?

Started Mar-05-2015 3:52 AM by oduodu

Last reply by Lone on Mar-12-2015 4:30 AM

Alien 5 ideas

Started Mar-03-2015 12:16 PM by Necronom 4

Last reply by Lone on Mar-11-2015 2:23 PM

will alien and aliens directors cuts be considered in writing alien 5 ?? will blomkamp be heading for egg morphing and

Started Mar-02-2015 1:33 AM by oduodu

Last reply by HyperNova on Mar-02-2015 5:46 AM

Blomkamp and Weaver talk Alien 5 in new interview

Started Mar-02-2015 2:50 AM by Necronom 4

Alien 5 - Fan Poster

Started Mar-01-2015 7:20 AM by 123Engineer

Last reply by Necronom 4 on Mar-02-2015 2:18 AM

Neil Blockamp's story a dream Sequence

Started Feb-27-2015 11:38 AM by The First Child

Last reply by oduodu on Mar-02-2015 1:28 AM

Dan o Bannon and Ron Shusset given writer credits for Alien 5

Started Feb-28-2015 6:39 AM by Necronom 4

Last reply by Svanya on Mar-01-2015 1:12 AM

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Started Feb-26-2015 6:15 PM by FenGiddel

Looks Like Ripley returns

Started Feb-26-2015 9:18 AM by Batchpool

Last reply by Something Real on Feb-26-2015 1:46 PM

Talking The New Alien And Prometheus Movies

Started Feb-26-2015 8:36 AM by Garethvk

neil blomkamp making alien 5??

Started Feb-19-2015 12:33 AM by oduodu

Last reply by Durp004 on Feb-21-2015 6:57 PM

will the spacejockey feature in blomkamps alien 5 ??

Started Feb-21-2015 11:33 AM by oduodu

Last reply by Svanya on Feb-21-2015 1:00 PM

Just confirmed. New Alien movie to be made.

Started Feb-19-2015 12:29 AM by pulserifle187

Last reply by **Al** on Feb-19-2015 10:10 AM

neil blomkamp alien 5 ideas

Started Jan-01-2015 11:44 PM by oduodu

Last reply by brego on Jan-11-2015 12:59 AM

This never made sense to me...

Started Oct-23-2014 4:13 PM by gojifreak23

Last reply by Nano-Rex3 on Nov-30-2014 4:15 PM

Alien: Out of the Shadows

Started Feb-13-2014 9:53 PM by Nostromo9468

Last reply by carlbob22 on Nov-25-2014 6:07 AM

What is your favorite type of alien?

Started Apr-27-2014 3:46 PM by GhostRodan100000

Last reply by carlbob22 on Nov-25-2014 6:04 AM

alright people

Started Jan-09-2014 1:21 PM by alien killer 123

Last reply by Gojira 2014 on Oct-12-2014 4:52 AM

ALIEN: Fear In Us

Started Apr-23-2014 10:09 AM by Devianteist

Last reply by Durp004 on Aug-13-2014 3:34 AM

Create an Alien

Started Dec-01-2013 7:36 PM by Sci-Fi King25

Last reply by Devianteist on Apr-23-2014 9:43 AM

Recollections Of Alien Website Launched

Started Sep-05-2013 3:50 PM by Gavin

Last reply by xeno_alpha_07 on Mar-29-2014 3:00 PM

Submit your questions for 'Alien: Out of the Shadows' author Tim Lebbon!

Started Jan-13-2014 3:59 PM by Chris

Last reply by AtlasInOrbit on Jan-22-2014 10:30 PM

deadspace xeno

Started Nov-19-2013 9:50 PM by KaijuFall3

Last reply by weaponbuddy on Jan-22-2014 6:02 PM

demon xenomorph

Started Dec-05-2013 8:47 PM by KaijuFall3

Last reply by King Godzilla24.7 on Dec-16-2013 1:52 AM

Flashback 1979: ALIEN (Neon Magazine DEC-97)

Started Sep-07-2013 6:04 PM by Sawa

Last reply by Ghosty on Dec-04-2013 6:57 PM

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