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www.hawaiifilmindustry.comHawaii Actors Network, Hawaii's Film Industry Network provides social networking services for Hawaii's Actors, Filmmakers, Entertainers, Models etc.
Gojira5400 Updated
Gojira5400 UpdatedGojira5400 here and on this new site of mine you guys will be ale to be updated on my channel, Godzilla 2014 news and informati
'Chappie' Movie News
'Chappie' Movie NewsThis site is about all things related to the movie 'Chappie'
'Under The Skin' Movie News
'Under The Skin' Movie NewsThis site is about all things related to the movie 'Under The Skin'
The Hater
The HaterMy site consists of only Movie reviews from now, and from the past. My site might consist of some bad movies to hopefully keep you away, but to give y
Godzilla over the Years.
Godzilla over the Years.It's about Godzilla 2 and 3.
MoMo Navigators
MoMo NavigatorsMy Website is about the great, and totally believable Sasquatch. People across the world sometimes believe in Aliens, but my website will change their
Terminator Fan Fiction
Terminator Fan FictionHollywood is ruining some of the best franchises out there.
CryZtalWorkZEverything CryZtalline... and Beyond.
Carnosaurs' Site
Carnosaurs' SiteThis site features stories never before seen on the Sci-fied profile! i guarantee you'll enjoy your stay.
Fight of the Ages Website
Fight of the Ages WebsiteHome of Raptor-401, know as the hoster for the FIght of the Ages
Dizzle Defense Team
Dizzle Defense TeamRecieving the latest news and movie trailers on all Sci-Fi film and television and to also get information on merchandise to start a collection.
MediaMikeWelcome! In this site, I review and criticize Movies, Anime and Video Games. Take a look at my stuff if your interested.
Count Dey
Count DeyI'm one of the hundreds of scify fans and all I can say is, everything is this world is not easy to understand.
Godzilla Fan!
Godzilla Fan!1 huge Godzilla fan and awesome person! please subscribe!
XenomorphHiveAll Aliens and Preditors but mostly the Xenomorph
Dino-FactsDinosaur Facts about what they ate, how old they lived for, how tall, how long etc.
Jurassic Alien Ship
Jurassic Alien ShipA person who just really loves scifi movies !!! =)
amjResearch is what I'm doing when Idon't know what I'm doing.
Original Godzilla Fan
Original Godzilla FanThis site is about recognizing who and what the true Godzilla is and where he came from. How the United States destroyed Godzilla in their attempt to
HALO Universe
HALO UniverseEverything HALO, from games, movies, toys and more!
Movies360WorldCinema, Tv Series, Soundtracks, Movies, Trailers, News
Indie Kaiju Films!
Indie Kaiju Films!Blog About new Indie Kaiju Media!
www.godzillaencastellano.comThe web in Spanish about Kaiju Eiga / La página en Castellano sobre el Kaiju Eiga
Godzilla remake in 3D
Godzilla remake in 3Dabout my 3D art work
godzilla lovers and bronys
godzilla lovers and bronysgodzilla fans and mlp fans
The Movie Dudes
The Movie DudesThe Movie Dudes is a Movie based podcast that has been running since 2009, Hosted by BamSam & Steve. The podcast features plenty of geek talk and some
criss-cross-universe.comI Am Christine Lim
BlueMoon Discussions
BlueMoon DiscussionsLe Description
Godzilla 2014 News
Godzilla 2014 NewsGodzilla 2014 News, Pictures, And Many More! Only Godzilla 2014 Content!
Artistic Code
Artistic CodeArtisticCode represents the part of my works, works and illustrations that I want to share.
NooBabbleMovies, games, TV shows and music news/ratings/thoughts.
Jurassic Park Operation Genesis Sequel
Jurassic Park Operation Genesis SequelThis site is all about fan rumours and speculations for the possible release of a sequel or remake to the best Jurassic Parkâ„¢ game of all time, Jura
MrHappy9097's Series's
MrHappy9097's Series'sDinosaur stories and Fights
godzilla attacks in 2014
godzilla attacks in 2014threads galor! specially godzilla
Joshua Gwynne
Joshua GwynneCool And Ausome
jurassic-geneticsfeatures news, media, downloads a dinopedia and a forum for the upcoming game Jurassic Genetics.
Movie idea
Movie ideaPrometheus aliens pradtor merge
eraserhead69Everything Scifi
CnuFedererI would like to share my views on the movies I've watched. Each of us have different visualization in our mind about different movies, here I present
godzilla2004its mainly about godzilla stuff and news
Rebel Yell
Rebel YellSC FI Comic and Cartoon
PredzillaThis site lets you know about the new movies and games and tells the release date even shows you Videos
Godzilla fictionare, QaA and facts
Godzilla fictionare, QaA and factsThe fan fiction, facts and QaA of Godzilla!
www.godzillafan.comIve recently have been away from the Godzilla scene! Ive collected many movies through the years! Bring back creature double feature! those were the b
GODZILLA FANSITE All things godzilla
Delta's Stories
Delta's StoriesThis is simply a site where I have my stories and updates. :D
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