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Warcraft Movie News
Warcraft Movie NewsWarcraft, the movie, produced by Legendary Pictures is set for release June 10th, 2016!
PrimordialScience fiction short story's
The ARK: Survival Evolved
The ARK: Survival EvolvedA site discussing the new dinosaur game ARK: survival evolved.. here meet with new friends in game and create your own tribes!
Independent Arts, Games and Projects Center.
Independent Arts, Games and Projects Center.Site devoted to independent projects
'The Lobster' Movie News
'The Lobster' Movie NewsThis site is about all things related to the movie 'The Lobster'
Halo 5 News
Halo 5 NewsLatest news on all things Halo
Game Over Man
Game Over ManGaming Podcast, Website & Youtube channel brought to you by
A Writing Desk for Dinosaurs
A Writing Desk for DinosaursRex Vs Spino (Or FBR) PLUS, So much more! Check it out!
SciFi Prop Guy
SciFi Prop GuyMovie props,celebrities,photographs,action figures,toys,model kits,garage models,fan model kits,movie costumes
The Lone Gunwoman
The Lone GunwomanWELCOME! Here I hope to share thoughts, reviews, artwork, memorabilia, music and all that I love about the Science Fiction/Horror Universe!
About Scfied
About ScfiedInformation about Scified and its Network
LokiLoki possesses physical abilities far superior to humans, an increased lifespan, superhuman strength (able to lift up to 50 tons), immune to terrestrial diseases, and resistant to conventional injury.Loki is perhaps the most powerful sorcerer more
Super Smash Bros. 4 News
Super Smash Bros. 4 NewsThis fan site will consist of news about the upcoming game for 3DS and Wii U. This site will make sure to stay on top of every update that comes up. Most news will give descriptions of new characters and game modes that will be attached to the game. The game releases in Summer (3DS) and Winter (Wii
Gundam News
Gundam NewsWelcome to Gundam news here we will keep you up to date about everything gundam
Portal Movie
Portal MoviePortal Movie
Half-Life Movie
Half-Life MovieHalf-Life Movie
Lego Jurassic World
Lego Jurassic WorldConsequently, Lego Jurassic World joins an open world (of constrained flexibility) with short stages that make the edge advance.
scifi rocks
scifi rockshighlites scifi movies upcoming and past.
Death Note
Death NoteDeath Note
Spiffy Shorts
Spiffy ShortsAnimated parodies, with a bent towards tactical flubbery, contextual inconsistency and immersion busting minutiae; poking holes in all the places your brain had quite happily decided to leave the heck alone, because you were trying to enjoy your popcorn gosh dernit...
The RARE EARTHNew feature film. Post Apocalyptic Australia 2039. New skeletons are found at Mungo. They are over 41000 years old and pre date the oldest Australian aboriginal. One has a metallic hinge in its knee.
gojira the encyclopedia of godzilla
gojira the encyclopedia of godzillagojira is a godzilla encyclopedia website.
FullStreamFull Stream NEWS
punch monster godzilla pacific rim
punch monster godzilla pacific rimfanart 3d modeling of monsters
Acacia Island Movie News
Acacia Island Movie NewsThis site is all about a Sci-Fi Movie to be called "Acacia Island"!!!!
Acacia Island News
Acacia Island NewsThis site is all about a Sci-Fi Movie to be called "Acacia Island"!!!!
ExMachinaEx Machina
avengersfootagesAvengers Footage
Kaiju Phenomenon
Kaiju Phenomenon Talks about Pacific Rim
godzilla2014friendsa fansite for godzilla that makes everything is awesome and you can talk with me anytime
Lost in Space Movie News
Lost in Space Movie NewsLegendary Lost in Space reboot
Lost in Space News
Lost in Space NewsNews for Legendary reboot of Lost in Space as well as prior incarnations
Godzilla Freaks
Godzilla FreaksSites that Discusses Godzilla films, photos, and games.
Er Chun Howe
Er Chun HoweEr Chun Howe
ARCMOVIESTalking the latest news on Hollywood blockbusters
jurassic world: hell on earth
jurassic world: hell on earthjurassic world ideas and key concepts godzilla artwork and fan made novels
David Nadas
David NadasSciFi writing at it's best
JP4"Dedicated to the dream of John Hammon"
Twin peaks
Twin peaksAll about Twins peaks pictures
The Evolution of Robots throughout Film History
The Evolution of Robots throughout Film History Research into how the robot character has evolved throughout Sci-Fi Film history
Prehistoric Kingdom
Prehistoric KingdomThis is the Prehistoric Kingdom platform! Prehistoric Kingdom is a game currently being developed by Stingray Games that allows you to create and manage the prehistoric park of your dreams: you will be able to have many prehistoric animal species (such as dinosaurs), and let people from all around t
Gladiatorswho would win!!!
Frontline Gaming News
Frontline Gaming NewsFor Major Gaming News To Independent Developer Reviews
Guillermo del Toro
Guillermo del ToroGuillermo del Toro Películas
Beyond the Box Office
Beyond the Box OfficeScified's Beyond the Box Office
Pinoy Kaijus
Pinoy KaijusA site of the Philippines #1 Goji Fan!
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