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Where can I get more free collectibles?

Where can I get more free collectibles?


Jan-09-2019 5:33 AM

I love the Marvel artwork from the early days right up to the latest movie releases. I've already got the free collectibles from Zebookfreec - does anyone know where I can get more?

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Jan-15-2019 12:44 AM

Well, I don’t think there are any ways by which you can actually get these collectibles for free. Or else, you will have to check for products that give these collectibles free with them. But the cable tv providers in my area quality and finish of these products won’t be much appealing.


Jan-15-2019 3:19 AM

Thanks, Kevinosbern. I already got a bunch for free and they're totally legit. They came fom here:

My question is, is there anywhere else like that I can get free ebook collectibles from?

Thanks again!

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