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King Ghidorah wiped out Godzilla's entire species


Jan-07-2019 2:56 PM

Hello everyone,,


udging by Skull Island's post credit scene and King of the Monsters, Godzilla and King Ghidorah have some bloody history. The question is why are they fighting? My guess is that King Ghidorah was responsible in destroying Godzilla's entire species.

Dr Serizawa's claims that Godzilla was the Alpha Predator is very much true. They were the apex species rivaling Mothra's and Kong's. However that all changed when King Ghidorah arrived. King Ghidorah was such a threat that the entire Godzilla species attacked the monster. It did work but at the cost of the destruction of almost the entire Godzilla species.

Because of this event, the balance has been disrupted. The MUTOs and Skullcrawlers for example were free to expand and grow causing the MUTOs to harvest the Godzilla corpse to become more powerful and the Skullcrawlers decimating Kong's race. Before Godzilla went into slumber, his powers were severely [url=][color=#333333][/color][/url] [url=][color=#333333]Lucky Patcher[/color][/url] [url=][color=#333333]Kodi[/color][/url] weakened due to King Ghidorah did something to him and Godzilla could not be able to regain his lost abilities.

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Jan-21-2019 1:09 AM

Well, I don’t really buy this theory. I am sure that we would be seeing Godzilla taking down the King Ghidorah. And if it is to happen like that, how would this theory be true. I How to fix printer spooler error think it would be better to wait and watch the film to release to have an actual idea.

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