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No posting the leaks anymore


Dec-25-2018 3:40 AM

A lot of users have requested that the leaked information regarding the films be banned, and I am in agreement.

Most of us don't want the actual plot of the movie spoiled, even though we post SPOILER tags on trailers and things.

If it isn't official marketing stuff then don't post it please.

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Dec-26-2018 3:52 AM

I think those who dont want to have Spoilers, are better off just avoiding sites such as this, but there are many other kinds of Forum where Fans Engage and Discus about Movies.  And so there is always the potential for things to get Spoiled..

A Flaw with this Site is there is no SPOILER system, where a post can be hidden as a Spoiler and only when the Spoiler Tag is clicked that the contents of the Reply is made Visible and then its NO Fault of the Poster but only those who choose to click on the contents who can blames themselves.

Its curious to make a Topic that may be a Spoiler, to simply Label the Topic as SPOILER and also not given away the Spoiler in the Tittle.  For Example.

SPOILER... Star Wars EP 9 Luke is not Dead, Kills FINN

should be titled

SPOILER... Star Wars EP9 Potential Big Shock and Death

The best advice for anyone to not want to be spoiled is to avoid a lot of media outlets until the movie is released and you go and see it.

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