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Oct-25-2018 7:30 PM

We are back!!!!!!

Rexy was still pissed at the Spino. She could have finished him off, but he slipped into the water just in time. Rexy wanted todominate the huge island. She rested near a riverbank, because her bruises actually hurt.


The Spino was scared to h*** and back. She realized him of just how powerful the beast was. She was stronger than any of the other Tyrannosaurs the Spino had fought. She had been through tough battles. The Spino started hunting. As it was hunting, it smelled Rexy. It was surprised that Rexy hadn't found him, unless she was asleep. WAIT!, I should attsck her!, it thought. 


PReVIeW!!! (of part 3)


The Spino went in for the bite, but Rexy dodged it. They were both on the edge, and one wrong move and both of them were as good as dead.



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