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Best Scenes of The Franchise (ALL 5) (SPOILRS)


Oct-22-2018 8:42 PM

All the movies are good, but some really stand out.


10. Indominus Rex Eats The Fat Security Guard.


I couldn't find a photo, but this doesn't need a photo to stand out. 


9. Baryonyx




The one thing that stood out to me in this one was the scream



8. Indominus Rex VS Ankylosaurus


Oh. the snap. It was gruesome, but it showed how OP the Indominus Rex is.



7. Final Battle for JW


The Mosasaur made the whole thing unexpected, making it look cooler.


6. Rexy VS Lion

The irony. 


5. Rexy VS Carno


The positioning was LIT!


4. They're Flocking This Way

That classic.


3. Clever Girl


The velociraptors are smart.


2. Rexy Breaks out


Those teeth though


1. When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth


Best Scene Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(This was my first list. Please write a comment)

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