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Oct-20-2018 9:35 PM

Oh yeah!



The Rexy from the very first movie! Will she beat the spino's butt?





Good luck to our 2 contestants! Begin...... NOW!


Our Spinosaurus is in the water (duh), waiting to ambush it's prey. She knew the Sorna Marshes well, and Corythosaurus herds always came there. Ah, there they are, she thought. The Corythosaurus was coming closer, but something came out from right and went straight for the neck, instantly crushing it and killing it. The new carnivore roared loudly, proclaiming it her territory. The Spinosaurus, feeling threatened, emerged out of the water and roared at the dinosaur she now recognized, the T. Rex. The T. Rex looked like she had been through some fights. The T. Rex thought, Hey, why should I be scared of a skinny weirdo who just pops out of the water? They both circled each other, making fake moves. 


Now, before they we get to the fight, lets take a look at their strengths and weaknesses. 


Can they play soccer?

Spino: Yes

Rexy: Yes


Can they dribble a basketball:

Spino: Yes

Rexy: No


Can they write:

Spino: Maybe

Rexy: No


Are they intimidating:

Spino: Sort of

Rexy: Of course!


Now, back to the fight!


The Spinosaur, because of it's position as the true veteran in the fight, attacked first. It swiped at her with it's claws, but Rexy stepped back, and charged at the Spino. She hit him in the chest and the Spino flew backwards, breaking a few ribs. Rexy came to finish her off, but the Spino wasn't going to get it done so early. She swiped at her face with her claws, forcing Rexy to ste back. The Spino got up and quickly retreated to the water. Rexy stayed back, because she knew she couldn't swim. She roared at the Spinosaurus and stomped away to hunt something else. 

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