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Oct-11-2018 8:33 AM

People say Dennis Nedry was attacked by two different dilophosaurs. People say it was only one. I have evidence that it was two different ones. Clue #1: Why would a dilophosaurus spit in Nedry's face just to hide in the Jeep? Clue #2 Dilophosaurus could travel in  packs, so one dilo explored the Jeep while one scouted the area. Clue #3 The colors on the dilophosaurs are both different patterns. The first dilo spit in Nedry's face to protect the one in the Jeep. Comment if you want me to investigate any other mysteries.

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Oct-14-2018 5:27 AM

I used to think there was one dilophosaurus but earlier this year I realized there were two. Simply because when nedry was spat at on higher ground and was blinded and bumbed his head for a minute. There wouldn't be enough time for the dilophosaurus down below to crawl up the hill and enter the Jeep. Now there was plenty of time of a second dilophosaurus to enter the jeep while Nedry was busy down the hill, also he left his door open.


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