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Rexy, Jurassic Park Chap. 1


Sep-30-2018 8:22 PM

     She headed towards the Visitor Center. How dare the enemies trespass on my territory?, she thought. She could see it. She circled it, trying to find a way in. She found one, and peered through before she could go in. She saw a raptor right in front of her. She jumped in, and bit the raptor in it's jaws. As she was about to finish it off, the other raptor pounced on her. She grabbed it by the tail, and threw it in the skeleton and roared. After a few months of staying in her territory, she soon headed out to the other parts of the island. She went inside a huge cave, where it was completely dark. She stepped in the water. She knew because she heard a splash. Then, she got surprised by a set of jaws that locked around her. She grunted in surprise and kicked the attacker off, hitting it in the head, which instantly killed whatever it was. The skull was long-shaped. Soon, something else bit her. And then another. She decided her best option was to run. Before she could, though,  she heard snarls, and the creatures were fighting each other. She soon smelled blood, and wondered what was going out. She got out of there anyway, because everything in there seemed dead. She went to her home territory, and after a few weeks, decided to go to the deep jungle, which every creature on the island avoided. She crashed through the jungle, and soon, found a clearing. Than, she noticed a pair of eyes. They were wide and unmoving. She got uncomfortable and roared. All the creature did was stare. Than, 5 more appeared form the dense. They stared, and then they all made a move forward. They were small, and had crests on the to of the head. One of the smaller ones seemed to grow larger, and spit at Rexy's feet. He feet were burning. She wanted to attack them, but she knew it would be the end of her game. So she got the hell outta there. 

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Oct-11-2018 8:34 AM

Sorry nobody commented. I think the excerpt is great!

'"Life's to short"'- Unspeakable Gaming

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