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Spinosaurus couldn't swim in deep water?


Aug-25-2018 10:09 PM

According to this National Geographic article, it is possible that Spinosaurus may not have been able to swim in very deep water, like previously depicted in the 2014 documentary, Bigger than T.rex. 

Keep in mind though, that Ibrahim's input on scientific errors from ONLY using computer models are valid, and must be considered.

7 Responses to Spinosaurus couldn't swim in deep water?


Aug-26-2018 3:49 AM

Makes sense, the spinosaurus was only semi-aquatic like a hippo



Aug-26-2018 10:24 PM

@Xenotaris, hippos can and often do swim to the bottom of rivers, so your comparison is wrong. Just because a creature is semi-aquatic, doesn't mean it couldn't dive below the surface.  


Aug-27-2018 4:33 AM

Oh I assumed you meant deep water like the ocean



Aug-27-2018 3:20 PM

The rivers and lakes that were present in Spinosaurus' habitat would have been deep enough thaat it would have had trouble staying stable.

Even before this hypothesis, it wasn't thought that Spinosaurus would have even wanted to swim out into the ocean, since its food was found inland.


Aug-27-2018 11:06 PM

perhaps if the environment didn't suddenly change on spinosaurus causing its extinction then maybe the spinosaurids would have become more aquatic



Aug-28-2018 1:36 AM

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I Meme Everything

Sep-16-2018 11:09 AM

So it was more like a big, diapsid Grizzly Bear than a crocodile or duck.

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