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Allosaurus and Dakotaraptor drawings

I Meme Everything (Tyrannos)

Aug-20-2018 6:19 PM

Here are my drawings of Allosaurus fragilis and Dakotaraptor steini. Colors are based off of Fallen Kingdom except, you know, more accurate (except the thicc tails).

aNd lIsTeN tHiS uP! yOu'Re gOiNg tO...i'M gOiNg tO...iF yOu dO tHiS oNe mOrE tImE i'M gOiNg tO tElL mIsS mUrRaY tHaT yOu dOnE tHaT sH!T! dO yOu hEaR mE?

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Aug-20-2018 6:24 PM

I like both of these, Tyrannos.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

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